Corozo buttons and Horn buttons

Corozo buttons are made of a natural substance which is more like hard resins. Due to the thick consistency, this substance is utilized to make buttons. Corozo is also known as tagua and often called the vegetable ivory due to its appearance. Corozo is scratch-resistant and extremely durable due to the closely bound organic fibres it is made of. Even when it comes to dyeing, it probes to be a very color-friendly material as its porous surface allows better absorption of colors. The specialty of Corozo buttons lies in a special unique print that ensures no buttons are similar to each other. It is extremely child-friendly and non-toxic. Due to its durability it is also crack-proof. StudioSuits offers its customers, the option to choose buttons of their own. Corozo buttons of very good quality in various shapes and sizes are also available.

Horn buttons are made of horns of animals. Usually deer horns are utilised to make horn buttons. The horns are cut, polished and shaped to create these buttons. Vegans however do not like the idea of using horn buttons. They opt for corozo buttons as they are made of natural plant resins.  Both Corozo buttons and Horn buttons are the only natural buttons available in the market and also the most sought ones when it comes to suiting and shirting.

StudioSuits provides these natural buttons as an option for customers. Priced decently, customers get to flaunt new designs of buttons in their custom-made suits by Studio suits. The team of craftsmen create masterpieces with the choice of fabrics and buttons.