Corduroy Suits

Corduroy is a kind of fabric in which twisted fibers re woven such that they lie parallel to one another. This adds a unique texture to the cloth that looks and feels like a 'cord'. The fabric appears to be a set of cords that have been stitched together. Corduroys are actually a more rigid for of velvet. Due to the durability of the fabric, it is used in the construction of suits and trousers. The number of ridges per inch is called 'wale' and it varies from 1.5 to 21. Studio Suits provides corduroy suits customized as per the requirement of the wearer. Tailor-made corduroy suits look even more perfect and provide complete comfort to the wearer.

 Corduroy suits are more suitable for colder days as they have the ability to keep the body warm and comfortable at low temperatures. When you wear a corduroy suit, very less amount of layering is required, even in colder months. Corduroy suits mainly come in earthy tone i.e brown, olive-green, blue and maroon. One can accessorize with warmer tones as they compliment the earthy tones well. Leather shoes enhances your appearance as it imparts sophistication to your look.

Studio Suits offers wide customization options so that customers can get to wear suits as per their choice of style, fabric, design and add-ons. All that the customers require to do is provide the measurements and share their choices through the website.