Corduroy Jeans: Everything You Need to Know

Corduroy Jeans: Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard of corduroy jeans? They've become a popular alternative to traditional jeans -- and there's no sign of this trend ending anytime soon. On the contrary, corduroy jeans will likely become even more popular in the following years. If this is your first time hearing about them, however, there are a few things you should know before investing in a pair.

Overview of Corduroy Jeans

Corduroy jeans are denim trousers that look and feel like standard jeans but feature the same characteristic ribbing as corduroy pants. They are designed with a ribbed pattern known as a cord or wale. All corduroy jeans feature a cord or wale -- and corduroy jeans are no exception.

If you inspect the surface of corduroy jeans up close, you'll see this ribbed pattern. It consists of horizontal ridges that run parallel to each other. This ribbed pattern is the defining feature of corduroy jeans. Unless a pair of jeans features this ribbed pattern, they aren't considered true corduroy jeans.

Corduroy Jeans vs Traditional Jeans

Corduroy jeans and traditional jeans share many of the same characteristics. They are both made of denim, for instance. Denim is used in the construction of all jeans. It's a versatile textile that consists of high-quality cotton with a warp-faced weaving pattern. Corduroy jeans, however, are distinguished from traditional jeans by the presence of a ribbed pattern.

When comparing corduroy jeans to traditional jeans, you'll probably notice that the former has a ridged surface whereas the latter has a smooth surface. The surface of corduroy jeans features ridges that run parallel to each other. In comparison, traditional jeans have a smooth surface that's devoid of these or other ridges.

Basically, corduroy jeans are distinguished from traditional jeans by their ribbed pattern. You won't find a ribbed pattern on traditional jeans. Traditional jeans have a smooth surface without any ribbing. Corduroy jeans, on the other hand, always have a ribbed pattern that you can see and feel on the surface.

Benefits of Corduroy Jeans

Corduroy jeans offer several noteworthy benefits. Since they are made of denim, for instance, they tend to last for a very long time. Denim is a particularly strong and durable textile that's able to weather the hands of time. It doesn't degrade or wear down like other textiles. You can wear corduroy jeans or other denim trousers for years on end.

Aside from being durable, corduroy jeans are stylish. Corduroy garments have been around for decades. Like other garments, they've experienced up and downs regarding their popularity. Nonetheless, they are currently trending by becoming more and more popular. If you're ready to take your fashion game to the next level, there's no better choice than a pair of high-quality corduroy jeans.

In addition to being durable and stylish, corduroy jeans are comfortable. After all, they are made of denim, which is essentially nothing more than high-quality cotton with a warp-faced weaving pattern. Cotton is regarded as one of the softest textiles on the planet. It has a naturally fluffy and gentle texture that won't irritate your skin. You can wear corduroy jeans or other cotton-based garments all day long without fear of them causing discomfort.

Corduroy jeans are naturally wrinkle resistant. This doesn't necessarily mean that they'll never develop wrinkles. When compared to other types of trousers, though, wrinkles are less common with corduroy jeans. With their ribbed pattern, corduroy jeans offer a superior level of protection against wrinkles. Whether you wear them for a few hours or the entire day, they shouldn't succumb to the effects of wrinkles. The ribbed pattern of corduroy jeans will protect them from most instances of wrinkles.

You'll also have many different options from which to choose when shopping for corduroy jeans. They are available in dozens of colors and styles. When shopping for a pair of corduroy jeans, you won't be restricted to choosing any single color or style. Instead, you'll have the freedom to express yourself by choosing from a wide variety of colors and styles. These are just a few noteworthy benefits of corduroy jeans. You'll probably discover other benefits once you start wearing them.

How to Choose Corduroy Jeans

It's recommended that you choose a pair of corduroy jeans in an appropriate color. Many people assume that corduroy jeans are only available in traditional colors like indigo and light blue. The reality, however, is that they are available in nearly every color under the rainbow. While you can find corduroy jeans in indigo and light blue, you can find them in countless other colors as well. Maybe you prefer white corduroy jeans, or perhaps you prefer yellow corduroy jeans. Regardless, you can find corduroy jeans in just about any color.

It's important to choose a pair of corduroy jeans in the right size. Choosing well-fitted garments is always important, but it's especially important for pants. If a pair of pants are too big, they won't stay on your waist when worn. If they are too small, conversely, they'll constrict your waist when worn. Therefore, you should consider buying a pair of custom-sized corduroy jeans. Here at StudioSuits, we offer custom sizing on all our trousers, including corduroy jeans.

How to Maintain Corduroy Jeans

You'll need to maintain your corduroy jeans to make them last. The good news is that corduroy jeans require very little work to maintain. When they get dirty, you'll typically need to wash them. Being that they are made of denim, you can usually clean corduroy jeans in the washing machine.

You don't have to take them to a local dry cleaners. Instead, you can clean your corduroy jeans in the washing machine with your other garments. Just remember to check the care tag beforehand. All corduroy jeans should have a care tag that provides instructions on how to wash and dry them. By following these instructions, you'll protect your corduroy jeans from potential damage.