Complete Your Suit with the Right Necktie

Complete Your Suit with the Right Necktie

If there's one accessory that you don't want to forget when wearing a suit, it's the necktie. This otherwise simple accessory can be traced back to the early 17th century, during which Croatian soldiers began to wear small pieces of fabric around their necks. The trend slowly spread throughout Europe, eventually making its way into the Western world. Today, neckties are viewed as a staple accessory for a men's suit. But with so many different styles available, how do you know which one to choose?

Color Coordinating

It's important to choose a necktie in a color that matches the rest of your suit. This doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be same color as your shirt, jacket or trousers, but rather it should flow together in a cohesive manner. If you are wearing a dark, indigo-blue shirt, for instance, a black tie would be an excellent choice. Generally, you should avoid wearing a necktie that's the exact same color as your shirt, as doing so will result in the two items blending together. Instead, choose a necktie in either a slightly different tone or a contrasting color than your shirt.

The Fabric

Something else to consider when choosing a necktie is the fabric. Silk has long been viewed as the de-facto standard for fashionable men's neckties, and rightfully so: they are soft, comfortable and look amazing when worn in conjunction with a suit. However, neckties are made of other materials and fabrics as well, some of which include tweed, linen, wool, and even some synthetic fabrics like polyester and polyester blends. Linen ties are an excellent choice for the warm spring and summer months due to the lightweight characteristics.

The Length

Ideally, your necktie should stop just shy your belt. The length of most neckties can be adjusted, depending on the knot used. With a standard Windsor knot, for instance, you can raise or lower your necktie.

The Look

Even if you go over each and every detail of your necktie, there's no way to tell exactly how it will look without trying it on yourself. So when you're getting dressed, take a moment to don your necktie and look in the mirror. Does it match the rest of your suit? Does it stop just above your belt? Does it appear to be made well? These are all questions that should try to answer to determine whether or not the necktie is a good choice for your outfit.