Choosing the Right Suits for Your Groomsmen

Choosing the Right Suits for Your Groomsmen

Are there wedding bells ringing in the near future for you and that special someone in your life? Let me first congratulate you -- marriage is an undeniably amazing and life-changing experience that symbolizes the union of two families. But after popping the question and hearing her say "yes," you should begin the initial stages of planning your wedding, which means among things choosing the right attire for your best man and groomsmen. Allowing your groomsmen to wear whatever they want isn't exactly the best approach for modern-day weddings. If you have a half a dozen men in your wedding party, all of whom are wearing a different color and style of suit, it will create a messy, awkward appearance that's especially bad for photographs. On the other hand, maintaining some type of order and structure with your groomsmen attire will create a more appealing look. With so many different styles of suits and formal wear available for sale, though, how do you know which one to choose? If you're having trouble choosing the right apparel for your groomsmen, here are some tips that can help.

Do Groomsmen Really Need to Match?

Technically, there's no rule -- written or otherwise -- stating that your groomsmen must wear matching attire. It's your wedding, so you have the freedom to plan it the way you want. With that said, however, matching attire is traditional etiquette for weddings. Both the groomsmen and bridesmaids have traditionally worn matching attire, so it's usually a good idea to follow this format for your wedding. Designating matching attire for your groomsmen will enhance their appearance while maintaining structure in your wedding parties. As states above, this allows for better-looking photos, and that's something that all brides and grooms can benefit from.

Choose Your Wedding Colors

It's usually a good idea to choose your wedding colors before your groomsmen apparel. If you haven't done so already, sit down with your fiance to determine what colors or combination of colors you want to include the wedding. Keep in mind that your choice of colors will have a direct impact on other elements of your wedding, such as the ceremony and reception decorations, floral arrangements, and of course the groomsmen attire. You can always change your colors later, but it's best to choose a general color scheme/palette before proceeding with the groomsmen attire.

Ask for Input

Rather than taking full control over what your groomsmen wear, ask them for their own personal input. What style of suit do you prefer wearing? Are you against wearing pinstripe patterns? What colors do you prefer? These are just a few of the many questions that you should ask your groomsmen when choosing their apparel for your wedding day. By seeking their input, you can choose a style of suit in which they are more comfortable. And when they are more comfortable in a particular suit, it will show in the form of greater confidence and self-esteem -- and that it makes it well worth the additional time and energy. bride-690292_960_720

Look for Inspiration

Rather than blindly choosing suits for your groomsmen, look at examples from past weddings for inspiration. You don't have to necessarily use the exact same type and style of suits for your groomsmen, but you can certainly draw inspiration from these examples. For some ideas, check in popular wedding magazines as well as websites. With a little bit of work, you can find dozens of amazing ideas for groomsmen apparel.

Groomsmen Footwear

There's nothing wrong with allowing your groomsmen to wear different suits, but they should all be wearing the same type of shoes. When groomsmen are allowed to wear different shoes, it will create a negative appearance that does your wedding no justice. So, what's the best type of shoes for groomsmen to wear? It really depends on the suit/apparel, although you really can't go wrong with a pair of high-quality leather oxfords. For black suits, black-colored oxfords are the best all-around choice. For brown suits -- or suits that contain some brown -- you should stick with a similar pair of brown-colored oxfords. If you're looking to plan a unique, non-traditional wedding, however, you may want to venture into a different type of footwear for your groomsmen. Outdoor "rustic" weddings have become increasingly popular, in which case boots may be worn as an alternative form of footwear for groomsmen.

Comfort Matters

Don't focus solely on the "look" of a suit when choosing apparel for your groomsmen; you should also consider the comfort. For summer weddings and beach weddings, linen suits are an excellent choice due to their ultra-lightweight design and soft texture. But for weddings in cooler climates, you want to choose a thicker suit for your groomsmen, such as a traditional wool or cotton suit. Trust me, your groomsmen will appreciate you choosing a comfortable style of suit.

Getting the Right Fit

Arguably, one of the most important steps in choosing apparel for your groomsmen is making sure it fits. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that an oversized suit isn't going to look right on a groomsman, nor is an undersized suit. But how exactly do you choose suits that fit your groomsmen? Being that no two men have the exact same body shape or size, this isn't always easy but it can be done. One idea is to bring your groomsmen to the store to try on the suits in person. Alternatively, you can custom order your groomsmen suits here at StudioSuits. Since we allow customers to specify their own measurements, you can rest assured knowing that they will fit your groomsmen just right. Of course, you'll want to get the measurements of your groomsmen before ordering. Groomsmen play an important role in modern-day weddings. They stand alongside the groom at the alter, offering their support during this memorable occasion. As such, it's important for groomsmen to wear the right clothes. The tips outlined here should give you a better idea of which suits and accessories are right for your groomsmen.