Choosing a Necktie for a Men's Suit

Choosing a Necktie for a Men's Suit

No men's suit is complete without a necktie. This otherwise simple accessory brings the colors and designs together, creating a uniform appearance. Unfortunately, though, many guys have trouble choosing the right necktie. They assume that all ties are the same, resulting in a clash of colors that ultimately hurts their efforts.

Standard vs Skinny Necktie

One of the first steps in choosing a necktie for a men's suit is to decide whether you want a standard or skinny tie. Standard ties are a bit shorter and wider than skinny ties, making them the preferred choice among average-sized guys. If you have a narrow, slender build, however, a skinny tie would be the better choice. Wearing a skinny tie will compliment your natural slender build, offering a clean and professional look that's not available in standard neckties.

The Material

You should also consider the material from which the necktie is made. Silk neckties have long been viewed as the best choice, as they are soft, shiny, lightweight, and ultra comfortable. Neckties are available in other materials, as well, including wool and polyester blends. When shopping for a necktie in person, run your hands across the surface of the necktie to determine whether or not the fabric is soft and comfortable. If it's not, you should move on to a different necktie.

The Size

The right length is essential when choosing a necktie. If it's too long, it will create an awkward appearance that does your suit no justice. If it's too short, it will look equally as bad (if not more). So, how long should a necktie be? Once tied, it should reach the tip of your belt. If it goes just an inch below, that's okay. But if goes any further, such as past your belt, it's too long and needs to be adjusted.

Color and Design

Neckties are available in a countless number of colors and designs, ranging from single-colors like navy and black, to checkered patterns, plaid and other designs. Ideally, your necktie should feature a color and/or design that flows cohesively with the rest of your suit. If you plan on wearing a traditional black suit with a white button-up shirt, for instance, you can always choose a black necktie. As long as your necktie features a different color than your shirt, it should be okay to wear. Just remember to consider your shoes, as wearing a black suit and tie will prevent you from wearing brown shoes.