Choosing a High-Quality Suit Jacket

Choosing a High-Quality Suit Jacket

What's the single most important element in a suit? It's the jacket. This is by large the most visible item, making it also the important. Regardless of the occasion, you should choose a suit jacket that's made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. While you can expect to pay more for a high-end suit jacket, it's a smart investment that will enhance your appearance and also give you more self-confidence. But how do distinguish between a high-quality and low-quality suit jacket?

Jacket, Sports Coat or Blazer?

When choosing a suit jacket, you have one of three options: you can choose a traditional jacket, a sports coat, or a blazer. Although similar in terms of appearance, there are some stark differences between these three. A sports coat, for instance, is the least formal type of outwear for a suit. It's often made of old tweed, and was once worn for hunting and other sporting activities. Sports coats are typically heaiver than the other two forms of outwear, making them a better choice for cold weather. However, they lack the sophistication needed for a high-quality suit, which is why it's a good idea to consider the other options. While more formal than a sports coat, blazers are still not the best choice. Instead, you should stick with a suit jacket. Suit jackets are the most formal type of outwear. They are usually made of a fine, high-quality wool, though warm-weather variations are also available in cotton and linen. The suit jacket is a fundamental component of a men's suit, so make sure it's included in your formal attire.

Check the Canvas

Something else to consider when shopping for a suit jacket is the canvas. What is the canvas of a jacket and why is it important? If you look inside a typical suit jacket -- where the outer fabric meets the inner lining fabric -- you'll find an extra layer of fabric here. Known as the "canvas," it's used to protect the jacket's fabric from stretching, which could otherwise render it out of shape (never a good thing). High-quality suit jackets are made with something called a floating canvas, whereas cheap low-quality suit jackets are made with a fused canvas. Fused canvases are added and secured to the inside of a jacket with glue. This makes them harder, less comfortable, and more susceptible to damage. Furthermore, suit jackets made with fused canvases often "pucker" along the edges. This don't happen overnight, but wearing and/or dry-cleaning your jacket several times can certainly cause this phenomenon to happen. You can avoid these problems, however, by choosing a suit jacket with a floating canvas instead of a fused canvas. son-in-law-636021_960_72011

Length: Short or Long?

Of course, you should also consider the length when choosing a suit jacket. Some jackets feature a standard length, whereas others are much longer, the latter of which are known as long coats. A long coat may be preferred for cold weather and climates, as the additional fabric offers greater warmth. Generally speaking, though, standard length is usually the "go to" choice for formal men's fashion. It's stylish, easy on the eyes, and comfortable to wear. All of these characteristics make it the preferred choice among many men.

Custom Sizing

You can tell if a suit jacket is made of high-quality materials or low-quality materials by checking to see if the vendor offers custom sizing. Most traditional retail and department stores sell suits and suit jackets as "off the rack," which lives up to its namesake by featuring universal sizes without any modifications or customizations. On the other hand, reputable vendors like StudioSuits offer custom sizing on their suits and suit jackets. By ordering your suit jacket here at StudioSuits, you can specify your own measurements to ensure it fits just right. This is a tall-tale sign of a high-quality suit jacket -- a feature that's lacking among other, fly-by-night suit vendors.


The fabric used in a suit jacket's construction can indicate its overall quality. Cheaper suit jackets are often made with, well,  cheap fabric. If it's a wool jacket, for instance, it may feel stiff and rough. If it's a cotton jacket, it may feel exceptionally thin and lightweight -- assuming it's low-quality. A high-quality suit jacket should possess high-grade fabrics and materials that reflect its quality.


As mentioned above, some vendors are only in the business of selling suit jackets to make a quick buck. This way of thinking is also reflected in the quality of their products. If a vendor is only after profits, they may create and sell poorly made suits and suit jackets. Therefore, it's a good idea to research vendors before making a purchase. StudioSuits is a trusted and reputable vendor with countless years of experience. Buying your suit jacket from us will give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting the highest quality jacket at competitively low prices.


Check the stitching when choosing a suit jacket. A well-made jacket should feature stitching that's hidden and/or blended into the jacket itself, whereas a low-quality jacket has visible, messy stitching. Whether you're shopping for a suit jacket in person or online, you should always check the stitching. Along with the other elements listed here, stitching can indicate the quality of a suit jacket.


How many buttons does the suit jacket feature? Suit jackets are made in a variety of different ways, some of which feature two buttons; others feature three buttons; and some feature four or more buttons. There's no single "best" style, as it varies depending on your personal preference. With that said, a good rule of thumb to follow is to keep the bottom button undone while fastening the remaining top buttons -- unless it's a single-button suit jacket. If the jacket has three buttons, for instance, you should fasten the top two and leave the bottom button undone. This creates a clean and uniform appearance while still allowing you to move freely.