Button holes on Custom-made Suits

Custom made suits are not just about the design of your choice but also about how fine are the details of the suits. These details include lapel rolls, seams and button holes. Special care needs to be taken while crafting a suit so that these details turn out to be as fine as the customer’s taste.  Studio suits delivers tailor made suits to customers in exact measurements and design. Functional buttonholes are one of the most prominent features of a custom-made suit. The functional buttonholes are the ones that are present on the sleeves of the suits. They are also known as the “working cuffs” or the “surgeon cuffs”, after the military surgeons who used to roll up their sleeves before fixing up wounds on the battlefields. Functional button holes are a sign of luxury when it comes to custom-made suits. The last button is always left undone and it signifies the quality of construction and custom tailoring. If you buy readymade suits, the buttons are sewn in the right place and can be adjusted depending on the wearer’ arm length. In custom made suits, the wearer’s arm length is already known thus the functional button holes need not be adjusted later.

Earlier functional button holes were important as they allowed the wearer to fold up sleeves while doing any work that might spoil their sleeves or soil them up. But now, functional button holes are not of such use  and are more a symbol of fine tailoring. People love flaunting them as much as they love to flaunt their styles.

Studio Suits provide the finest custom made suits and ensure complete customer satisfaction with the quality of fabric and tailoring. With the perfect measurements of the wearer, the outcome is always a masterpiece when Studio Suits is at work. Visit us at: https://www.studiosuits.com