Bow Tie vs Necktie: Which Should I Choose?

Bow Tie vs Necktie: Which Should I Choose?

No men's suit is complete without a matching bow tie or necktie. This otherwise small and simple accessory brings the outfit together to create a more complete and uniform appearance. When attending a formal or semi-formal event, you'll need to include either a bow tie or necktie in your suit. So, which one should you choose and why?

The Scoop on Bow Ties

As you may already know, a bow tie is a simple bow-shaped piece of fabric that's clipped on the neck collar of a shirt . There are several different types of bow ties, including the "bat wing" and "thistle" styles. Bat wing bow ties are designed with straight edges that resemble bat wings (hence the name), whereas thistle bow ties resemble the blossoming bud of a thistle bush with rounded edges that flare out towards the end. Bat wing bow ties look more classic and sophisticated, and thistle bow ties look older and more vintage.

Why Choose a Bow Tie

One of the most common reasons why guys choose to wear a bow tie over a necktie is their ease of use. When you're running late for work in the morning, you may not have an extra half an hour to tie the perfect Windsor knot with a necktie. You can, however, clip a bow tie on your neck collar. Bow ties are incredibly easy to use, requiring no special knots or other techniques. This alone is a huge benefit that makes them stand apart from their necktie counterpart.

Why Choose a Necktie

Of course, there are also reasons to continue wearing a necktie. For starters, neckties will make you look taller than what you actually area. It's not going to miraculously add inches to your height, but rather it creates the perception of a taller, slimmer appearance. Keep in mind, however, that the size of your necktie should be proportionate to your height. A necktie is also a focal point of a men's suit, helping to bring all of the colors and elements together in a cohesive manner. Every suit needs a focal point, as it's responsible for drawing attention to the center of the suit. While bow ties may also serve as a focal point, neckties are able to accomplish this goal more efficiently. Be sure to check out the large selection of bow ties and neckties offered here at StudioSuits by clicking this link.