Blazers for Men

Blazer is a type of outerwear that resembles a suit but has a shorter or same length and is made out of a more durable material. Blazers are not as casual as sports coat and are worn in formal or semi-formal occassions. Blazers can be worn with shirts, polo neck t-shirts or even basic t-shirts. Blazers go well with any kind of bottom-wear be it formal pans, chinos or even jeans, making it a very versatile outerwear. Blazers add an x-factor to even simple outfits and lifts up your personality. It is an essential clothing for your wardrobe. But before purchasing it one should have a very good idea about its types and measurements.

Blazers come in different styles but the most traditional style of blazer is the double-breasted one with two buttons. Blazers with unstructured shoulders are worn as a casual outerwear. The fitting of blazer is very important in order to have a flattering appearance. Ill-fitted blazers can affect your personality too. Studio Suits provides tailored blazers to customers with accurate measurements as provided by the customers.

Color of blazer should be chosen such that it compliments the shirt or tee you're wearing beneath. Gray, black or blue blazers are the safest choices that one can make. For bolder fashion statement one can opt for bright red, maroon or yellow blazers. Blazers come in a variety of lapels, varied length of sleeves, colors, collars and sizes. One needs to pick the perfect size and choose the right colors to look dashing in a blazer. Studio Suits offers the best quality fabric and constructs blazers of high quality with a team of expert tailors.