The Best Suit Choices for Business

The Best Suit Choices for Business

Choosing a suit for day to day wear in a business environment is more important that choosing a suit that you'll just wear for special occasions. That may seem a little ironic, but it's certainly true. For example, if a suit that you wear only sometimes is not perfectly comfortable, you may be able to put up with it for a few hours. But imagine if you had to put up with discomfort for hour upon hour, day upon day. It would amount to torture after a few weeks. So it goes without saying that your very first consideration should be to ensure you get a custom tailored suit, and not just any old suit from off the rack. You'll want your suit to be made from good quality material so it looks good and is durable, since you'll be wearing it often. Don't forget to take climate into account either. It is surprising how often people don't consider the great contrast between what is appropriate for a sunny environment like Los Angeles compared with somewhere like Chicago or Boston in the winter.

Everything about the suit needs to be completely different when there is such a sharp contrast in climatic conditions. The key things here are weight, sheen, color, cut, and fit. All of these are important, because they'll play a part in how comfortable you feel and how good you look. Your suit is an investment in your image, intended to help you make a great first impression on anyone you meet. In general, it is best to avoid pure black or pure white except in particular circumstances. Certainly if you're attending a funeral, black is a good choice. Otherwise black can create a bit of a subservient impression, and it also shows up lint specks and other such things quite readily, which is not good. Black can also be a difficult color to maintain in sunny environments, as the extra UV light absorbed by dark fabric will tend to cause fading and will shorten the lifespan of the material. A shade of gray suit will work just about anywhere, though if you need to project an image of traditional values and dependability, navy is a very good choice as well. Pinstripes may be going a bit too far, but if you work in a very old-school profession such as if you are a lawyer or an accountant, these will give you that "I've been here forever and I know what I'm doing" look.

Should you ever choose white? Yes there are some places where white is actually a very good choice. For example, in sunny locations, white will do the best job of reflecting harmful UV rays and it will help you feel and look cooler. A white suit will tend to make you stand out and be noticed. On a psychological level, white implies purity and honesty. No matter what color you choose, it is usually best to avoid materials that have a lot of sheen or shimmer. This is more important if you are wearing your suit indoors, where artificial lighting will accentuate the effect.

Peak lapels are fine if you want to convey an image of formality, though notch lapels are generally better for the business environment. Shawl, mandarin, and nehru lapels should be avoided for business use unless it is desirable to project an image of being arty and different. Architects, for example, or art dealers, might do well with this more non-traditional look. The width of the lapel is also important. A broad lapel indicates solidity, tradition, and power. A narrow lapel says you are modern and that you set the pace.

Whether to go with a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket depends firstly on your physique and secondly on the level you're dealing at. The double-breasted suit is equivalent to a double-barreled shotgun. You use it when you want to convince the other person that you are powerful. A double-breasted suit jacket should never be worn unbuttoned. The single-breasted jacket can help you present a more sporty, avuncular, or friendly image. It's a suit jacket you wear when you want to make others around you feel comfortable in your presence, whereas the double-breasted jacket can aid you in making people feel slightly less comfortable if that is your aim. For great advice about choosing a suit, visit StudioSuits. Here you can find out everything you would ever need to know about suits, and if you don't find the answer you are looking for, you can simply contact them to get in touch with an expert tailor who can provide any details you need.