Finding the Best Shoes to Wear with Chinos: From Dress Shoes to Sneakers

Finding the Best Shoes to Wear with Chinos: From Dress Shoes to Sneakers

The chinos fabric is a common menswear staple the gentleman should have in his wardrobe. It's a classic choice of pants to wear to any occasion but determining the footwear that goes with mens chinos outfits can be challenging. The combination of different shoes with chinos will work because of its versatility, creating a cool and harmonious outfit.

In this guide, we will learn the best shoes to wear with chinos. Getting the right combo will help you appear coordinated and sophisticated. If you want to create a flattering appearance, take advantage of the Chino outfit ideas here and try out them for yourself.

What Are Chinos

What are chinos? They are a type of pants produced from cotton twill fabric. This contributes to their durability and comfortability. When we think of chino pants, we associate them with timeless style and versatility. They are adaptable which makes wearing them for different occasions appealing. 

The history of these pants started in the mid-19th century, first as a uniform worn by military officials. However, it is now a regular cloth anyone can wear. Their evolution as a style from the military men's uniform into our everyday fashion shows how timeless they have become.

The Role of Shoes in Elevating Chino Outfits

Chinos are one type of fabric that has shown its versatility. It can fit into several occasions and outfits. Changing the pair of footwear is enough to make all the difference in your overall attire. For example, Chinos match well with different types of shoes from loafers, sneakers, Chelsea boots, chukka boots, sandals, etc. 

It's amazing how much transformation you will see by wearing different shoes with the same chinos. When looking for the best shoes for chinos, it depends on the occasion. The good thing is that there are various styles to adopt and you will surely find one that suits you. 

For example, if you are looking to wear dress pants with sneakers for a casual meeting, Chinos are perfect for you. If you are planning what to wear for a wedding, pair your chinos with loafers and you are good to go. The options are numerous and this is because chinos are not only stylish but fit various clothing combos and styles.

How to Wear Chinos With Dress Shoes

Chonos pair with all kinds of shoes so it is a matter of which you are wearing at the time. Two of the best shoes to wear with chinos here are Oxford and Derby shoes. They are the perfect selection for a polished look. If you are going for a semi-formal function, you can wear any of these formal dress shoes to elevate your appearance.

Wearing Chinos With Loafers

The amazing thing about this combination of chinos and loafers is their versatility. Both fit perfectly into smart casual or semi-casual attire, so it makes sense to see that chinos will look fantastic with loafers. Not too formal and not too casual, which makes loafers one of the best shoes for chinos. As long as you dress properly, you can wear your combo as business casual or to a summer garden party. 

There are different types of loafers and each will give you a different level of formality. For example, a full-grain loafer is more formal while a nubuck loafer looks less formal. Also, a black or deep brown color will look more formal than a lighter one. Again, pennies or tassels will come across as less formal than Horsebit.

Style Chinos With Brogues

Brogues can make perfect matching shoes to wear with khakis and chinos. You can dress up with a striped shirt and then put on a classic pair of brogues. It gives a smooth and unmatched casual appearance that not only makes the wearer look elegant but also smart. 

If you love wearing brogues with dress pants, you can fill in chinos here for a change since it is versatile. To get a sleek outlook, wear classic colors that will make you look sharp. It's optional but you can also complete your look with a dress shirt and blazer. 

Styling Chinos With Boots

Certain styles have proven to be versatile and the chinos and boots combination is one of them. From the Chelsea boots to the chukka boots, these are great ways to wear your chinos pants. Here are different boot types you can incorporate into your mens chino outfits. 

Chelsea Boots: Chelsea boots are quite versatile but will lean more into an occasion that requires you to look dressier. Wearing this type of shoes with a simple T-shirt is a no-no. You can probably wear a Chelsea boot on occasions where derby brogue shoes would normally apply. 

Chukkas Boots: Most of the chukkas boots you will find come in the suede material. While this is the common one, it seems to be the perfect material for this type of boot. Your suede boots can give you a smart effect even though you are not necessarily trying to dress up. A classic dark-colored and slim-fit chinos will work well with your suede boots for business casual attire.

Combat Boots: While this might not be your popular type of combination, the combat boot and chinos give that edgy vibe you are looking for. If you want a rugged appeal try wearing a charcoal grey chino with a black combat boot - powerful. Or the brown-colored combat boots and any chinos with a neutral tone. 

Pairing Chinos with Sneakers

Wearing sneakers with chinos fits perfectly into any casual setting anytime. This style is equally versatile so you can experiment with different fits. A slim-fitted chino might work but you can still get an amazing look with a loose one. 

This combo makes heads turn especially if you want something strictly casual. The color combination you decide to use will depend on your style. Your accessories like a baseball can also add more vibe to your ensemble.

Style Tips and Recommendations

You should be able to combine your chinos and shoes effortlessly on any occasion and that is why these chino outfit ideas and recommendations will help you a lot. By the time you try different combinations, find the one that suits your style. 

Classic Tan Chinos: A combination of classic tan chinos and a pair of brogues or brown loafers will effortlessly help you pull off a sophisticated look. Plus, it's a pair that works for a wide range of occasions.

Burgundy Chinos: A light or dark shade of brown brogue is a great combination for burgundy chinos creating a harmonious blend between the two.

Navy Blue Chinos: Semi-formal and casual occasions with chinos are suitable for the gentleman who wants a sharp and elegant appearance. A pair of brown loafers and navy blue chinos is a game. 

Beige Chinos: Combine a beige-colored chino with tan or navy dress shoes for a classic and polished look. 

Olive Green Chinos: Boots combined with olive green chinos are a stylish ensemble, making you appear rugged while at it. 

Charcoal Grey Chinos: A pair of white sneakers with charcoal grey chinos can make you feel relaxed and more casual.