Best Dressed Men

Best Dressed Men

The Best Dressed Man wins the Best Women's compliment!

Style for men is more than wearing custom-made suits and labeled clothing. It is precision and ease which gives their style a trademark statement. More than their handsome looks or toned bodies, it is their style statement that truly sets them apart from the crowd.

George Clooney (Actor):  He is the man of every women’s fantasy. If there is a guy who is never outdated, it’s him. The more he ages the better he looks. He has even made his grey hair his style statement.

Ryan Gosling (Actor): Labelled the “sexiest man alive” by a popular magazine, he always manages to look like he just came off a fashion runway. He wears the three piece suit precisely.

Tom Ford (Designer): He entered Gucci and raised its sales exceptionally. He is the only man who can wear a blue custom suit for Oscars and carry it off.

Zac Efron (Actor): It is undeniable fact that he is eye candy. But he also has a great fashion sense, which can be seen every time he is on the red carpet. He oozes effortless élan in his tailor made suits.

David Beckham (Football Player): Wherever there is a fashion list, he is on it. This Brit is the Midas of fashion – whatever he touches, he nails it perfectly.

Jude Law (Actor):  The camera loves him more than anything. He flaunts his British style with élan and wears his custom suits with the right touch of English elegance.

Ryan Reynolds (Actor): He is Hollywood’s heartthrob. He makes the cool and casual look extremely sexy and stylish.  From faded colors custom linen shirts to casual tee shirts he makes a statement. He makes custom designed suits look not just formal but sexy.

Bruno Mars (Musician): He has got the classic yet edgy style. He can make a rebellious statement with well fitted leather jacket and yes, we love it.

Barack Obama (American President): With great power comes great responsibility (to dress well!). The way he casually wears his custom suits without a tie and his folded hand cuffs define his distinctive style statement. The custom tuxedo he carries very confidently adds to his handsomeness.

Tom Wolfe (Author):  The best dressed author of all times. Popularly known for his all-white suits (or for the world’s greatest dry cleaner he has) as his signature style.

The best dressed men are known not only for the exclusive attires they wear but also how they carry themselves.

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