All about Shirts

Just as with our range of fine men’s suits and waistcoats, StudioSuits formal shirts are an elegant man’s wardrobe asset.

The most important of all in a shirt is its collar- the more rigid it is the better it frames a man’s face with stately charm. The wearer also gets to choose from a variety of collar designs rather than the usual monotonous winged collar.

The foothill of a collar is the bosom.  The pique fabric here makes the shirt firm and crisp. It retains ample amount of starch required to render the chest a stiff and flat look.  The cuffs undoubtedly play a very distinctive role and they are visible in our conduct of bodily movements. Decorative cufflinks speak volume about one’s business and style and taste! Cufflinks render a well tailored shirt an austere look. The fabric of the cuffs should be that of the collar for a prim and neat appearance. At StudioSuits we are very meticulous about our designing. Every single shirt, trouser, vest, waistcoat and suit designing undergoes thorough style inspection and tailor monitoring so that not a speck of the final produce appear with any sort of imperfection. We imagine beautiful get-together of men and women in classic attire where the gentlemen in Studio Suits garment is lauded for his exquisite clothing and commendable presence.

We believe that great shirting is not independent of matching waistcoat, tie,  trousers and of course the Suit!  While we have shirts available for casual and regular formal wear, we would always encourage our men to be in their best of garments. And more so because StudioSuits can offer an entire set of clothing in a single delivery!

So, all that I was trying to say so far is do check our latest StudioSuits collection of all that can be custom made for you with our amazing catalog of fabric and prints. Trust me; you can’t look anything other than the dapper young man. Our designs are sure going to beat your age to attract young women for a princely feeling!