Accessorize Right to catch the women’s sight!

Accessorize Right to catch the women’s sight!

Women’s fashion gets all the attention when it comes to accessorizing. But women like men who accessorize and have fashion sense too. Custom shirts, socks, jackets, hats, bags, watches, ties, cuff-links! The list is huge! It is hard to figure out what is the right pick for the clothing you wear. If you just walk out of the door and it throws a ‘solid sense’ of style, the task is not going to be easy. Studio Suits provides you a personnel style guide for what not to and what to.

The Glasses:

Geeky look is just not for geeks anymore. Yes get a pair of over sized retro glasses and if you like experimenting go for colors. Custom suits or tailored suits and aviators go hand in hand but don’t try other probabilities. They suck. Wafers are great for casual or semi casual look.

A Hat to take off while dancing:

Hats are great and they are in rage nowadays. But please make sure they fit. If you got a prominent forehead make sure your hat balances your upper and lower half’s of your face. If you got long features, go for something which neutralizes hat with a low crown and wide rim. If you got a square face, all you need are curves. Go for a hat with complete curve in its rim. From suave black hues of blues and grays to temperamental brown you can pick the versatile range of colors.

The cologne, she will remember you:

Use the right cologne which blends with your natural scent. Go for scents with earthly or wooden flavors. Never over do it. It’s OK if you want your lady to fall for you, but even you don’t want her to faint.

The team shirt is just for the team:

Women know that men like sports, but let’s keep the team shirts, custom shirts and jerseys where they belong to originally. Men have this misconception that they are casual but they are not absurd.

The right place for your Backpacks:

Backpacks are great source, but for god’s sake don’t wear them with suits or formals. Get a man satchel, they go great with formals and yes you will fall in love with them. With hues ranging from chestnut brown to dark brown will be perfect for you.

Flip Flops:

Flip flops are great but they don’t go well with everything you wear- they are strictly for bathrooms and casual walks on beaches.

Ties! Which color for today?

Ties are the ‘complete man’ trademark. A few extra pieces won’t harm you. The trick to wear the right tie is simple. Make sure you got at least one color in your suit. Cross strips, straight lines or plains there are plethora models. If you want a classic look go for a Windsor knot with wide tie. If you are looking for a retro look, a skinny tie  with four in one knot will work.

Cuff-links belongs to a Gentleman

Cuff-links are gentlemen fashion accessories, both charming and ideal. Nowadays with a bling, all you need to do is pick the right cufflinks or else they will kill the look. The formula is to give a simple and easy look at your wardrobe and check the color pattern. You got hues of lighter colors like whites and shades of pinks go for a golden cufflinks. The darker hues like blacks and browns go for cufflinks of silver, green and blue colors. If you are going for a formal, make sure to get something in symmetric cuts.

Watches are around:

Watches are for men with great style. Metallic are evergreen, circular dials suit great with almost every suiting’s. Leather works in rustic brown and over sized dial for a refined casual look. They go well with jeans, custom suits and party suits.

Details are important. You may not notice it but others do the position of your knot, the subtle pockets square. Everything matters! Finally women like men with minimum accessories and more manners. If you got a chance to choose, choose wisely!

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