Accessories to Enhance the Appearance of Your Suit

Accessories to Enhance the Appearance of Your Suit

Accessories can make or break the appearance of a suit. Some guys rush through the process of getting dressed, paying little-to-no attention to their accessories. As a result, they are left with a lackluster appearance that does them no justice. That's why today we're going to reveal some of the top accessories to enhance the appearance of your suit.


We can't talk about accessories for men's suits without mentioning cufflinks. Although small in size, they play a major role in the overall appearance of a suit. Cufflinks are essentially small, removable buttons that are used to secure the shirt cuffs. They are made using a wide variety of materials, some of which includes glass, leather, steel, gold, and even gemstones. The method of securing a cufflink varies depending on the particular type of cufflink. Some are secured with toggles or reverses, whereas other are secured with chains.

Pocket Square

Another common men's suit accessory is a pocket square. According to some reports, pocket squares date back to the ancient Greek Empire, a time during which the upper-class carried perfumed clothes around on their persons. The trend soon spread into other cultures and civilizations, though, and has since become a mainstay among modern-day men's suit fashion. Pocket squares are essentially small pieces of cloth that are neatly folded and tucked into the breast pocket of a men's suit. Don't let its name fool you, though. There are several different ways to shape and style a pocket square, with "square" being just one of them.


No suit is complete without a belt. When choosing a belt for your suit, consider both the thickness as well as the color. One option is to choose the same color belt as your belts, allowing the two to blend seamlessly together. Another option is to choose a color that's just a shade different from your pants. Regardless the thickness, stick with relatively thin -- but not too thin -- belts to maintain a level of cohesion with your suit.


Last but not least, another accessories that's guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your suit is a watch. Every guy should sport a watch when wearing a suit, as it adds a unique element to his outfit. Choose a watch that's properly fitted for your wrist, and opt for a metallic band if possible.