9 Tips for Keeping Your Suit Clean

9 Tips for Keeping Your Suit Clean

It's frustrating when you spend half an hour or longer getting dressed in the morning, only to discover a stain on your outfit later in the day. Maybe you're attending an important business meeting, or perhaps you're going to a friend's wedding. Regardless, you probably want to look your best, and wearing a stained suit isn't exactly the best idea. So, to prevent disasters such as this from occurring in your life, follow the tips listed below. We're going to reveal some simple yet effective steps to keeping your suit clean and stain free.

#1) Don't Sit Down

Try to avoid sitting down after you've gotten dressed in your suit. Assuming you're one of the missions of Americans who own a dog or cat, chances are there's pet hair in your home. And if you sit back down on a couch or recliner -- even for just a few minutes -- you'll likely pick up some of this pet hair on your suit. So, wait until you get to the office or your preferred destination before sitting down. In the meantime, continue to stand to protect your suit from pet hair and other debris.

#2) Choose Darker Colors

Another tip is to wear darker colors. How does this help exactly? Well, wearing a dark suit isn't going to necessarily make you immune to stains. Rather, it makes them less visible. Wearing a white suit is a magnet for stains and dirt. If you accidentally spill your morning coffee on a white suit, it's going to show. But if you spill your coffee on a dark navy blue or black suit, it may not be noticeable to the naked eye, making this is an excellent choice of suit color for men worried about staining their suit.

#3) Rotate Your Suits

What does it mean to rotate to your suits? Basically, you should alternate the suits you wear on a regular basis. If you wear one suit today, for instance, wear a different one tomorrow. As long as you rotate your suits, you can rest assured knowing that you'll always have at least one clean at all times. This doesn't apply strictly to suits, either. You can rotate all of your favorite outfits, alternating the days on which you wear them. And if you have trouble remembering which suit you wore on which day, make a note of it on a calendar.

#4) Keep a Lint Roller

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, your suit is going to attract some dirt, dust and debris. Thankfully, you can easily clean most surface debris using nothing more than a lint roller. Lint rollers are essentially handheld tools featuring tape that you run across the surface of clothes. The sticky side of the tape is designed to catch lint and other debris. Before leaving your house, run a lint roller across your suit to clean it one last time. Lint rollers are invaluable in keeping your suit clean, so place a few in your closet.


#5) Hang Your Suit After Wearing it

Try to get into the habit of hanging your suit on a high-quality wooden hanger for at least 48 hours after you wear it. The purpose of this is to help "knock off" any loose debris while also retaining the original shape of your suit. Tossing your suit on the floor will only make it more dirty, and it may also change its shape. So, always hang your suit on a sturdy wooden hanger for at least 48 hours after wearing it.

#6) Read the Care Label

When was the last time that you read the care label on your suit? Most garments of clothing feature a label with the manufacturer's recommendations on how to clean and care for it, and men's suits are no exception. Here, you'll find specific instructions regarding washing, drying and maintaining the suit. Because different suits are made with different materials, there's no single best way to clean them. As such, you'll need to read the care label on your suit to ensure you aren't accidentally exposing it to further damage. Always follow the recommendations by the suit's manufacturer to protect your suit from damage.

#7) Use a Garment Bag When Traveling

If you travel frequently, be sure to store your suit in a special garment bag to protect it from dirt and moisture. You can find garment bags available at most department stores. They feature a sealed enclosure in which to store suits and other delicate articles of clothing. Sure, it's probably easier to toss your suit into your luggage and call it a day. However, there's always the chance that your suit will become damaged in transit -- and that's exactly what you should try to avoid. A garment bag, however, offers a simple and effective solution to protect your suit from damage when traveling.

#8) Choose a High-Quality Suit

Perhaps the most important step in protecting your suit from stains and damage is to choose a high-quality suit. Some of the cheaper, lower quality suits on the market are made with low-end fabrics and materials. While they typically cost less than their higher quality counterpart, they are also more likely to attract dirt and stains. So, spend the extra money and invest in a high-quality suit to prevent this from happening. If you're looking for a new high-quality suit, check out our inventory here at StudioSuits. We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality men's suits on the market.

#9) Wear an Extra Outer Layer

As we get closer to winter, you may want to consider wearing an extra outer layer, such as a windbreaker. This serves two purposes: first, it insulates your body from the cold temperatures, helping to keep you warm. Secondly, it protects your suit from stains, dirt and damage -- and this alone is a huge benefit that shouldn't be overlooked. If you accidentally spill a beverage, it will likely land on your windbreaker instead of your suit; thus, keeping you clean.