9 Things to Consider When Choosing Chinos

9 Things to Consider When Choosing Chinos

Not to be confused with khakis, chinos consistently ranks as one of the most popular types of pants. Worn by men and women alike, they are constructed of chino cloth, which is prized for its combination of softness and durability. Chinos have been around since the mid-19th century, and during that time, they've only become more popular. If you're thinking about buying a pair of chinos, though, you should consider the following.

#1) Color

You should consider the color when choosing a pair of chinos. When they were originally invented, chinos were designed in traditional colors like brown and beige. While you can still find them in these colors, chinos are now available in dozens of other colors. The bottom line is that you need to choose a pair of chinos in a color that matches your personal style as well as the garments with which you wear them.

#2) Fabric

By definition, all chinos are made of chino cloth. With that said, chino cloth itself is available in several different fabrics. Most chinos, for example, are made of cotton-based chino cloth. The cotton is woven in a way that creates diagonal parallel ribs on the surface. While you can't go wrong with 100% cotton chinos, other fabrics are used to make them as well.

#3) Rise

Something else to consider when choosing chinos is the rise. All chinos have a rise. Some chinos, however, have a higher rise than others. What is the rise exactly? We've talked about this before, but the term "rise" refers to the distance from the crotch seam of trousers to the top of the waistband. Low-rise chinos have a shorter distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband, whereas high-rise chinos have a longer distance between these two areas.

#4) Pockets

Don't forget to consider the pockets when choosing chinos Like most trousers, chinos typically have four pockets. You'll find a pocket on the front right and left sides as well as a pocket on the rear front and left sides. Some chinos, though, are designed with either a different number of pockets or different placements for the pockets. Regardless, you should consider the pockets when choosing chinos. To get the most value of out them, it's important to choose chinos with an appropriate number of pockets placed in the right areas.

#5) Washed or Raw Chino Cloth

What's the difference between washed or raw chino cloth? Washed chino cloth is washed during production, whereas raw chino cloth is not. Chinos made of washed chino cloth are typically better protected against shrinkage, as well as fading, than their counterparts made of raw chino cloth. When washed, chino cloth naturally shrinks and fades. It's not a substantial amount of shrinkage or fading. Rather, it's just enough to protect the chinos from future shrinkage and fading. With that said, some men and women still prefer chinos made of raw chino cloth. Raw chino cloth often has a deeper and stronger color than that of washed chino cloth.

#6) Stretch or Non-Stretch

Stretch chinos have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional, non-stretch chinos in recent years. Like stretch jeans, stretch chinos are characterized by a higher level of elasticity. They are still made of the same chino cloth as regular chinos, but they also contain a small amount of an elastic fabric. The stretch chinos sold here at StudioSuits, for example, are made of 99% cotton and 1% lycra.

While the presence of 1% lycra may sound insignificant, it completes changes the physical properties of chinos. With 1% lycra and 99% cotton, stretch chinos are more elastic than non-stretch chinos. You can pull and stretch them without causing them to damage. Furthermore, stretch chinos are softer, and therefore more comfortable, than standard chinos. With their increased elasticity, they have a naturally soft texture that makes them comfortable to wear.

#6) Belt Loops

If you're planning to wear a belt with them, you should choose chinos with belt loops. Belt loops, of course, are the small loops found around the top of the waistband. They are designed to hold a belt, which in turn helps to secure the chinos around your waist. If a pair of chinos don't have belt loops, you won't be able to accessorize them with a belt.

#7) Weight

You should consider the weight of chinos. The weight of chinos is influenced by the type of chino cloth used in their construction. Chinos constructed of heavyweight chino clothe are naturally heavier than those made of lightweight chino cloth. So, why does the weight matter? Well, if you're planning to wear them during the summer, you may want to choose lightweight chinos. If you're planning to wear them during the winter, on the other hand, you may want to choose heavyweight chinos.

#8) Size

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing chinos is the size. If your chinos are too big, they'll have excess fabric that looks awkward and unattractive. If they are too small, they may restrict your ability to move and walk while wearing them. You can avoid these and other problems by choosing chinos in the right size. Assuming you buy your chinos here at StudioSuits, you can take advantage or custom sizing at no additional charge. Just provide us with your body measurements, and we'll use them to create the perfect pair of chinos in the perfect size.

#9) Quality

Following closely behind size, the quality of chinos is also important. You may save a couple of bucks by purchasing a pair of low-quality chinos, but it could cost you more money later down the road when you're forced to replace them. Low-quality chinos don't last as long as high-quality chinos. They are more likely to rip, tear and succumb to other forms of damage, all of which can shorten their lifespan. By spending the money on high-quality chinos, you'll get greater use of them, making them well worth the investment.