9 Suit Tips for Muscular Guys

9 Suit Tips for Muscular Guys

Men with muscular build types often struggle to find clothes that fit. With a muscular body, for instance, otherwise shirts labeled "form-fitting" may prove restrictive and downright uncomfortable to wear. Well, this same principle applies to suits as well. If you have a muscular build, you may struggle find a suit that fits right. Thankfully, though, there are solutions out there for guys such as yourself.

#1) Avoid Off-the-Rack Suits

While you might get lucky by finding a suit in your size at a local retail or department store, this rarely happens for guys with a muscular build type. The problem with shopping locally is that most of these stores sell suits in "off-the-rack" sizing. This means the suits feature a pre-made size that you can't adjust or otherwise customize. Again, there's always a chance that you'll find an off-the-rack suit in your size, but you'll probably walk away empty-handed.

#2) Choose a Suit Jacket with Minimal Shoulder Padding

When shopping for a suit, check the jacket for shoulder padding. A small amount of shoulder padding is usually good -- but not if you have a muscular build type. Normally, shoulder padding helps to define a man's figure and improve his appearance. The padding bulks up the wearer's shoulders to enhance his look. If you have a muscular build, though, there's really no need for shoulder padding. In fact, this feature can make your shoulders look too big, which is why it's a good idea to avoid it.

#3) Avoid Slim-Fit Suits

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but it's still worth mentioning that you should avoid slim-fit suits if you have a muscular build. Slim-fit suits are designed to "hug" the wearer's body. Both the jacket and trousers provide minimal room, restricting your ability to move. Don't get me wrong: slim-fit suits are perfectly for men with average and thin builds. For muscular builds, though, you should avoid this style and instead choose a more loose/relaxed suit With slim-fit suits, you simply won't enough space to move around. Furthermore, the tight-fitting nature of this style looks awkward on guys with muscular build types.

#4) Custom Suit Sizing

Rather than choosing an off-the-rack suit, it's recommended that you choose a suit with custom sizing. Here at StudioSuits, for instance, you can specify your own body measurements when ordering. Once you've found a suit you like, you can specify your body measurements, which we'll use to customize your suit so it fits perfectly. You won't have to take your suit to the tailor, as it's made according to your measurements. Whether you have a slim, average or muscular build, you can rest assured knowing that your suit will fit perfectly. Just be sure to specify your correct body measurements when ordering. watch-2309852_960_720

#5) Choose a Thin Fabric

Another tip to follow when choosing a suit for muscular build types is to stick with a thin fabric. A thick wool suit may offer the highest level of warmth, for instance, but it's probably not the best choice if you have a muscular build. The thick composition of wool will make you appear larger, which is something you generally want to avoid. Instead of thick fabrics like wool and corduroy, consider a thinner fabric like linen or cotton.

#6) Plain Colors

In addition to choosing a thin fabric, you should also choose a suit in a plain color. Suits featuring plaid or stripes may backfire by creating the perception of a larger figure. A suit with a plain, single color, however, doesn't have this effect. It will offer a clean, cohesive appearance on men of all build types, including muscular builds. You really can't go wrong with traditional black suit, for instance. Whether you're attending a job interview, business meeting, wedding or any other formal event, a black suit is the perfect all-around choice for men with muscular build types. Of course, you can experiment with other suit colors, but black is a safe and effective choice for guys with muscular build types.

#7) Check the Trousers

Some muscular guys make the mistake of wearing trousers that are simply too big. Because they have a muscular body, they have to wear trousers larger than guys with average build types. As a result, their trousers are often baggy in the legs even if they fit in the waist. You can avoid this problem by ordering your suit here at StudioSuits. Alternatively, consider taking your trousers to a local tailor for adjusting. If your trousers are too large in the legs, a professional tailor can adjust them.

#8) Choose a High-Quality Suit

It's also recommended that you choose a high-quality suit. Sure, you can probably save a couple bucks by opting for a cheap, low-quality suit from your local retail store, but this is an instance in which the saying, "You get what you pay for" holds true. Low-quality suits are usually designed with subpar fabrics and equally poor craftsmanship. Even if they look decent from afar, they may stretch and degrade after being worn. If you want your suit to last, invest in a high-quality suit made by a reputable manufacturer. You can expect to pay more for a high-quality suit, but it will undoubtedly last longer and offer a higher level of utility and style than a low-quality suit.

#9) Accessorize

Finally, don't forget to accessorize your suit. While accessorizing is important anytime you wear a suit, it's particularly important for men with muscular build types. The right accessories will balance your appearance to create a more complete and cohesive look in which everything flows together naturally. So, what type of accessories should you wear with a suit? Well, one accessory that you shouldn't overlook is a necktie. A medium-sized necktie will define your figure while complimenting your muscular build in the process. Other accessories to consider wearing with your suit include a tiebar, wristwatch and pocket square. These are just a few suit tips to follow for men with muscular build types.