8 Tips on Wearing a Linen Suit: What You Should Know

8 Tips on Wearing a Linen Suit: What You Should Know

Not all men's suits are made of cotton. While cotton is probably the most common material in which suits are made, you can find formal suits available in other materials, including linen. Derived from fibers of the flax plant, linen suits offer a unique blend of comfort, breathability and softness. Since they aren't as popular as cotton suits, though, many men don't know how to wear them. If this sounds familiar, check out the following eight tips on how to sport a linen suit.

#1) Choose a Light Color

You can find linen suits available in a variety of colors, but consider choosing a light color to create an attractive, uplifting style. Linen suits are typically worn during the spring and summer months, and during this time, light colors represent the warming temperatures. Another benefit of wearing a light-colored linen suit is its ability to keep you cool. Light colors, of course, reflect more of the sun's heat than dark colors. While dark-colored linen suits actually absorb the sun's heat, light-colored linen suits reflect it away from your body. Feel free to experiment with linen suits in other colors, but when in doubt, stick with a light color.

#2) Go With a Slim Fit

To create a more flattering appearance that compliments your body, choose a slim-fit linen suit. Like other slim-fit garments, slim-fit linen suits are characterized by their form-fitting design. They don't excess, baggy material that dangles from your body. Rather, they sit comfortably against your body, thereby making you look thinner and even taller. If you're struggling to find a slim-fit linen suit that fits just right, check out our store here at StudioSuits. In addition to offering a wide variety of linen suits, we allow you to specify your own measurements at no additional charge.

#3) Bring an Umbrella If It's Going to Rain

If there's rain in the forecast, bring an umbrella when wearing your linen suit. Rain won't necessarily harm your linen suit. Nonetheless, linen is a highly absorbent material that will hold a substantial amount of moisture. Allowing rain to soak your linen suit will make it heavy and uncomfortable to wear. You can avoid this problem, however, by carrying and using an umbrella.

#4) Maintain Cohesion With Suit Jacket and Trousers

For formal events and occasions, make sure your linen suit jacket matches your trousers. Some men have begun wearing suits consisting of mismatching jackets and trousers. This is fine if you're trying to create a semi-formal appearance. But if you're going for a full-on formal appearance, your linen suit jacket should match your trousers. If your linen suit jacket is navy, for example, your trousers should also be navy. If your linen suit jacket is black, your trousers should be black. 

#5) Check for Wrinkles Before Wearing

While linen suits offer a myriad of benefits -- comfortable texture, strong, durable, attractive, etc. -- they aren't immune to wrinkles. In fact, linen suits typically develop more wrinkles than suits made of other materials. This doesn't mean that you should avoid wearing them. Rather, check your linen suit for wrinkles beforehand. If you discover any major, visible wrinkles on your linen suit jacket or trousers, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the care label to remove them. You may be able to press your suit with a steam iron, or you may be able to dry clean it. Regardless, don't make the mistake of wearing a wrinkled linen suit. Always check your linen suit for wrinkles, and you if you discover any, use the manufacturer's recommended method to eliminate them. Keep in mind that linen isn't tolerant of heat. So, if you're going to press your linen suit with a steam iron, use the lowest heat setting possible to minimize the risk of damage. Alternatively, you can hang your linen suit in the bathroom and turn the hot water on in the shower or bathtub. After about a half-hour, the steam produced by the hot water should smooth out most wrinkles from your linen suit.

#6) Wear a Linen Dress Shirt

There's no rule stating that you must wear a linen dress shirt with a linen suit, but doing so will help you create a more refined style in which all your garments match. Linen dress shirts are made of the same linen material as linen suits. Therefore, wearing them together will take your fashion game to the next level. When choosing a linen dress shirt, consider the color of your suit. You shouldn't wear a linen dress shirt in the same color as your suit. On the contrary, it should contrast with the color of your suit. For a black linen suit, try wearing a white linen dress shirt. By choosing a linen dress shirt in a contrasting color, you'll define these elements of your outfit.

#7) Wear a Belt

A belt is an essential fashion accessory for a linen suit. Unlike other accessories, though, it does more than just add color and texture to your outfit: Wearing a belt secures your trousers in place, preventing them from falling or slipping down while you wear them. You shouldn't wear just any belt with your linen suit, though. For a comfortable, attractive formal outfit, choose a fitted belt in a color and style that matches your linen suit. Leather belts are always a popular choice for linen suits, and you can generally find them in both brown and black colors. Alternatively, you can find comfortable and fitted belts available in faux leather, nylon and other synthetic materials.

#8) Pay Attention to Your Socks and Shoes

It's important to wear the right socks and shoes with a linen suit. A good rule of thumb is to wear socks in the same color as your trousers. This allows your socks to blend into your trousers, making them less visible. But what type of shoes should you wear with a linen suit? Avoid athletic shoes, tennis shoes and other forms of casual footwear. Instead, choose a formal style of shoes that compliments the appearance of your linen suit.