7 Tips on How to Wear a Pocket Square

7 Tips on How to Wear a Pocket Square

Want to accessorize your suit with a pocket square? Whether it's a two-piece or three-piece suit, you can dress it up with a pocket square. Consisting of a small piece of foldable material, a pocket square is a popular type of suit accessory. It's worn in the breast pocket of a suit jacket where it adds new colors and visual elements to your outfit.

There's a right way and a wrong way, however, to wear a pocket square. To ensure it has a positive impact on your appearance, consider the following tips when wearing a pocket square. Following these tips will help you create a more stylish and cohesive suit outfit that reflects positively upon your appearance.

#1) Go With a Lighter Color

It's recommended that you choose a pocket square in a lighter color than that of your suit jacket. Why is this important? Well, some men choose a pocket square in the same color as their suit jacket. If they wear a black suit jacket, for instance, they'll accessorize their outfit with a black pocket square. With both of these items featuring the same color, though, it creates a bland appearance that's not particularly attractive.

You can avoid this fashion faux pas by choosing a pocket square in a lighter color. It doesn't have to be a completely different color. Rather, your pocket square can simply be one or two shades lighter than your suit jacket. With a lighter color, it will stand out while drawing more attention to your outfit.

#2) Place in Breast Pocket

Always place your pocket square in the breast pocket of your suit jacket. You shouldn't wear a pocket square in your trouser pockets. Pocket squares are designed specifically for use in the breast pocket of a suit jacket.

Keep in mind, some suit jackets are constructed with their pockets sewn shut. Manufacturers may leave the pockets sewn shut to preserve the jacket's original shape and size. If the breast pocket of your suit jacket is sewn shut, use a seam ripper or pair of fabric scissors to carefully cut it open. It should have just a single piece of thread running through the top. With a seam ripper or fabric scissors, you can cut open the breast pocket so that it will support a pocket square.

#3) Press or Iron It

Before wearing a pocket square, you may want to press or iron it. Most types of pocket squares are susceptible to wrinkles. When stored in a drawer or closet, they'll develop wrinkles. Wrinkled pocket squares look messy. Therefore, you should avoid wearing them.

Fortunately, you can remove wrinkles from a pocket square by pressing or ironing it. Take your pocket square and lie it across a flat, heat-resistant surface, such as an ironing board. Next, use a steam presser or a clothing iron to de-wrinkle it. In just a few minutes, the wrinkles will be removed.

#4) Explore Alternative Materials

Pocket squares are available in many materials. Some of the most common materials for pocket squares include cotton, linen and wool. While you can always wear a pocket square in one of these traditional materials, you should explore alternative materials as well.

You might be surprised to learn that pocket squares are available in leather. Leather pocket squares offer a unique style that's not found in those made of a traditional material. They are soft, durable, long-lasting and elegant. Even if your suit is made of a traditional material, you can accessorize it with a leather pocket square. Just remember to choose a pocket square made of genuine and high-quality leather.

Another reason to consider a leather pocket square is its ability to resistant to wrinkles. If your pocket square is made of a traditional material, you'll probably have to press or iron it. Most pocket squares develop wrinkles because they are made of a traditional material. This doesn't apply to leather pocket squares, however. Leather is a naturally wrinkle-resistant material. Therefore, leather pockets don't develop wrinkles, nor do they require pressing or ironing.

#5) Use the Right Folding Technique

The way in which you fold a pocket square matters. You can't just stuff it inside the breast pocket of your suit jacket. Rather, you'll need to fold your pocket square so that it stays in place while projecting an attractive appearance.

There are several effective folding techniques that you can use. The one-point fold, for instance, lives up to its namesake by showing a single point of the pocket square through the top of your jacket's pocket. There's also the two- and three-point folds, which involve showing two or three points of the pocket square, respectively.

#6) Don't Bury It Too Deep

When wearing a pocket square, don't bury it too deep inside your jacket's breast pocket. If the pocket square is at the bottom of your jacket's pocket, it may be concealed. Of course, a pocket square is only beneficial if you, as well as other people, can see it. When placed deep inside your jacket's pocket, it may go unnoticed.

While you shouldn't bury your pocket square too deep, that doesn't mean it should protrude completely out of the top of your jacket's pocket. If it sticks out too much, your pocket square will look awkward. At the same time, it may fall out of your jacket's pocket while you walk and move about during the day.

#7) Stick With a Single Pocket Square

Avoid wearing multiple pocket squares. Instead, stick with a single pocket square. Some suit jackets are designed with multiple breast pockets. In other words, they have a pocket on both the front and left front sides. Even if your suit jacket has two or more breast pockets, though, you should only wear accessorize it with a single pocket square.

A pocket square is designed to enhance the appearance of your suit by introducing a small amount of an alternative color to your outfit. To achieve this, you only need to wear a single pocket square. There's no point in wearing multiple pocket squares, regardless of what type of suit jacket you have.