Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap

Do you own a newsboy cap? Also known as a paperboy hat or baker boy cap, this timeless and versatile accessory exudes a touch of vintage charm. Originally worn by newspaper delivery boys in the early 20th century, the newspaper boy hat has evolved into a fashion staple for men.Whether you're wearing a two-piece tailored suit or a three-piece ensemble, the newsboy cap remains an iconic and fashionable choice that transcends time and trends. Sporting a newsboy cap with suit adds a stylish touch to your overall look. It will add new colors and textures to your outfit while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of your suit.

Newsboy caps for men require maintenance, however. Neglecting to maintain your newsboy hat may result in damage.You can get more use out of your newsboy cap by maintaining it. Here are seven essential tips on how to maintain a newsboy cap.

#1) Identify the Material

To maintain your newsboy cap, you'll need to know what it's made of. Newsboy caps are available in different materials. Some of them are made of an organic material, whereas other newsboy caps are made of a synthetic material.

Tweed is a popular material for men's newsboy caps due to its durability and classic look. It is a woven fabric, known for its textured appearance. Tweed Newsboy cap offer a unique and stylish option.

Wool is another common material in which newsboy hats are made. As you may know, wool is an organic material. It consists of the fur of sheep or goats. Newsboy hats for men made of wool are soft, lightweight and easy to maintain. If your newsboy cap is made of a synthetic material, on the other hand, it may require more work to maintain.

#2) Check for a Care Tag

If you haven't done so already, you should check your newsboy cap for a care tag. Care tags aren't limited to garments. While most garments do, in fact, have a care tag, you can find care tags on fashion accessories as well.

Many newsboy caps feature a care tag. A care tag is simply a small label that features instructions on how to maintain the respective garment or accessory to which it's attached. On newsboy caps, you can usually find the care tag inside of the brim. With that said, not all newsboy caps have a care tag. Some manufacturers include a care tag on their newsboy caps, but others don't.

#3) Spot Clean When Dirty

You can typically spot clean your newsboy hat. Spot cleaning is the manual cleaning process that involves blotting the surface of a garment or accessory until it comes clean. Unless otherwise stated on the care tag, most newsboy caps are safe to spot clean.

Upon discovering a stain or blemish on your newsboy cap, take it off so that you can spot clean it. Start by running a washcloth under lukewarm water. Next, add a few drops of gentle dish soap to the washcloth. You can then use this damp and soapy washcloth to clean your newsboy cap. It should remove most superficial stains or blemishes with ease.

Tweed Cap

#4) Let It Air Dry

A common mistake people make with their newsboy caps is placing them in the dryer. They assume that newsboy caps are safe to dry just like other garments. Placing your newsboy cap in a dryer, though, could damage it. Newsboy caps are fitted, so when you place them in a hot dryer, they may no longer fit. Your newsboy cap may shrink when exposed to the hot air inside of a tumble dryer.

You can still dry your newsboy cap if it gets wet, but you shouldn't place it in the dryer. Instead, let your newsboy cap air dry. You can air dry it by leaving it outside for a half-hour or so on a sunny day. As it basks in the sunlight, your newsboy cap will dry out. Air drying will even leave your newsboy cap smelling nice and fresh. Therefore, it's recommended that you air dry your newsboy rather than placing it in the dryer.

#5) Store With a Shaper Insert

You probably won't wear your newsboy cap all 365 days of the year -- and that's okay. If you aren't planning on wearing it for an extended period, you can store it. Newsboy caps can be stored. Before placing it in storage, though, you should use a shaper insert.

Also known as a crown insert, a shaper insert is a product that's designed to maintain the shape of hats. They typically consist of a spherical frame made of plastic or a similar synthetic material. Placing a shaper insert inside of your newsboy cap will prevent it from deforming. Mens newsboy hat, as well as other hats and caps, can lose their original shape when stored for an extended period. A shaper insert will prevent them from happening by filling the otherwise empty space inside of your newsboy cap.

#6) Test New Products in a Discreet Area

Spot cleaning isn't always enough to remove stubborn stains. You can spot clean most minor stains, but stubborn stains may require a commercial cleaning product. If you can't seem to remove a stain by spot cleaning it, perhaps it's time for a commercial cleaning product.

There are dozens of stain-removing products available for sale. Most of them consist of sprays. You can spray them onto your newsboy cap to eliminate stains. Before using a new stain-removing product on your newsboy cap, however, you should test in a discreet area. Spray a small amount of the product on a hidden area, such as the inside of the crown, to see how your newsboy cap reacts to it.

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#7) Keep Away From Humidity

Another maintenance tip is to keep your newsboy cap away from humidity. Humidity, of course, is moisture vapor in the air. There's always at least some moisture vapor in the surrounding air. When the air is heavily saturated with moisture vapor, it's considered to be humid. High humidity means the air contains a lot of moisture vapor.

You should keep your newsboy cap away from humid spaces. Basements and attics, for instance, are typically humid. They contain a higher concentration of airborne moisture vapor than other indoor spaces. Therefore, you should store your newsboy cap in a basement or attic.

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