7 Tips on How to Choose a Flannel Suit

7 Tips on How to Choose a Flannel Suit

Flannel suits have become increasingly popular in recent years. Featuring a milled cloth with a soft and slightly raised texture, they offer a superior level of style and comfort. Because of their unique construction, though, many men are unfamiliar with the subtle details of flannel suits. If this sounds familiar, you might be wondering how to choose the right flannel suit for your needs. While you can always experiment with dozens or hundreds of different flannel suits, we've compiled a list of seven essential tips on how to choose the perfect flannel suit.

#1) Choose an Organic Fabric

Some people assume that flannel suits are made of flannel fabric, but this isn't true. There's actually no such thing as flannel fabric. Rather, flannel refers to any soft-woven and milled fabric that's slightly raised. As a result, you should choose a flannel suit made of an organic fabric like cotton or wool. While some flannel suits are made of one or more synthetic fabrics, they aren't as soft or comfortable as those made of organic fabrics.

#2) Buy a Complete Two-Piece Suit

Regardless of which fabric you prefer, go ahead and purchase a complete two-piece flannel suit. By purchasing a two-piece flannel suit, you can rest assured knowing that your suit jacket will match your trousers. On the other hand, if you purchase flannel suit separates -- meaning you purchase the suit jacket and trousers separately -- you may struggle to create a matching suit outfit. Besides, you can usually save money by purchasing a two-piece flannel suit rather than suit separates. For these reasons and others, it's recommended that you buy a complete two-piece flannel suit.

#3) Stick With a Single-Breasted Flannel Suit Jacket

Flannel suit jackets are available in both single-breasted and double-breasted styles. Single-breasted styles are characterized by a single column of buttons on the front, whereas double-breasted styles are characterized by two columns of buttons on the front. And with two columns of buttons on the front, double-breasted flannel jackets have a larger piece of overlapping fabric. Some men prefer the vintage style of double-breasted flannel suits. However, most men now wear single-breasted flannel jackets because of their cleaner, more modern appearance.

#4) Choose a Versatile Color

Perhaps the most important tip is to choose a flannel suit in a versatile color. If your flannel suit features a bold color, it may restrict the shirts and accessories with which you can wear it. For example, you can't easily match a fluorescent-orange flannel suit with many shirts or neckties. But if you choose a flannel suit in a versatile color, you'll have unlimited freedom when putting together your outfits. A black flannel suit, for instance, will match most shirts and accessories. Black suits are stylish, classic and easy to wear. Here are some of the top colors for men's flannel suits:
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Navy
  • Light blue
  • White

#5) Pay Attention to the Size

When shopping for a flannel suit, pay attention to the size. If a flannel suit doesn't fit, you probably won't wear it frequently. So, how do you know if a flannel suit fits? If you're shopping for a flannel suit in person, take a few minutes to try it on. After getting dressed in it, walk around the store to see how it feels. If you're shopping for a flannel suit online, consider ordering a custom-sized flannel suit. Here at StudioSuits, all our flannel suits come with custom sizing at no additional charge. You aren't limited to choosing a flannel suit in basic, generic sizes. Rather, you can specify your own body measurements when ordering. If you order a custom-sized flannel suit, be sure to provide your body measurements. Don't just try and guess and estimate your body measurements. For the best possible fit, use a tape measure to get your precise body measurements. When you provide us with your body measurements, we'll use them to create a custom-fitted flannel suit. As long as you provide us with the right measurements, you'll get a flannel suit that fits your body perfectly.

#6) Inspect the Buttons

You can tell a lot about the quality of a flannel suit jacket by inspecting the buttons. Whether it's single-breasted or double-breasted, all flannel suit jackets have buttons on the front. Some, however, have stronger and more durable buttons than others, which is a telltale sign of a high-quality flannel suit jacket. Therefore, you should inspect the buttons when shopping for a flannel suit. Specifically, look to see what material the buttons are made. Avoid choosing a flannel suit featuring cheap plastic buttons. Instead, choose a flannel suit featuring heavier, stronger buttons. Along with the other tips listed here, this will help you get the greatest value from your new flannel suit.

#7) Check the Lapels

In addition to the buttons, you should also inspect the lapels when shopping for a flannel suit. What are lapels exactly, and why do they matter? Lapels are the section of folded fabric on the front of a suit jacket. They are available in several styles, some of which include notched, peaked and shawl. Notched lapels are the most common, though peaked lapels offer a higher level of formality. If you're shopping for a new flannel suit and can't decide which lapel style to choose, stick with notched. Flannel suit jackets featuring notched lapels look clean and crisp. You can still wear a flannel suit jacket featuring notched lapels, but they should generally only be worn for very formal events and occasions. A flannel suit is a smart investment that will help you create a more stylish appearance -- all while staying comfortable. With that said, you shouldn't assume that all flannel suits are the same. As with other suits, they are available in dozens of colors, styles and designs. By following these seven tips, however, you'll have an easier time finding the perfect flannel suit.