7 Tips on Choosing the Right Sports Jacket

7 Tips on Choosing the Right Sports Jacket

A suit jacket is only one option to consider when choosing outerwear for a suit. There are several options available, including blazers and sports jackets, the latter of which we're going to discuss in this blog post. Also known as a sports coat, a sports jacket is a type of men's outerwear that's characterized by a less formal design -- though still not casual -- that doesn't necessarily match the trousers. Sports jackets receive their namesake because they were originally worn during sporting events, such as hunting.  Over time, however, dress codes changed, with sports jackets no longer being worn strictly for hunting. Today, they are worn for formal occasions and various uniforms. Regardless of your reason for wanting to wear a sports jacket, though, it's important that you choose the right style. Like most formal types of men's outerwear, there are dozens of different styles of sports jackets, each of which has a unique appearance and features. To ensure you choose the best one, consider the following seven tips.

#1) Consider the Fabric

Check to see what fabric the sports jacket is made of. Some men assume that all sports jackets are made of cotton. While cotton is certainly a popular fabric, sports jackets are made of many other fabrics as well. You'll find them available in lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen as well as heavier fabrics like suede, denim, leather, tweed and even corduroy. A good rule of thumb is to choose a sports jacket in a lightweight fabric for the spring and summer months or a heavy fabric for the fall and winter months.

#2) Don't Worry About Matching

One of the great things about wearing a sports jacket instead of a suit jacket is the simple fact that you don't have to match it with your trousers or pants. While suit jackets should always match the trousers with which they worn, this isn't an issue for sports jackets. It's perfectly fine and even recommended to wear a sports jacket that doesn't match the trousers or pants. Just remember to choose a sports jacket in a color that flows cohesively and clash with the color of your trousers or pants.

#3) Check the Buttons

Pay attention to the number of buttons a sports jacket has and where those buttons are located. Sports jackets typically feature the same button configuration as traditional suit jacket, meaning you'll usually find two or three buttons on the front aligned at the bottom center. With that said, some sports jackets may feature no buttons, while others feature a half-dozen. When choosing a sports jacket, make sure it has at least two buttons on the front. Assuming it has two or more buttons, you should fasten all the buttons except for the bottom one when wearing it. This is the unwritten rule of how to wear a formal jacket, and following this rule will help you achieve the best look possible. Jacket2-1

#4) Go Neutral

You really can't go wrong with a neutral color when choosing a sports jacket. Although sports jackets are available in nearly every color under the rainbow, including black, gray, red, white, blue, yellow and even green, neutral colors offer a classic, time-tested look that's guaranteed to enhance your appearance. Whether it's charcoal gray, taupe or beige, neutral colors are easy on the eyes and match with a variety of other colors and styles. Therefore, a neutral sports jacket is a simple, classic choice that works well for all men. Regardless of the occasion, wearing a neutral sports jacket will create a formal, timeless appearance -- and that's exactly what you should strive for when getting dressed.

#5) Get the Right Fit

Of course, it's important that you choose the right size sports jacket. If it's too big, it will create the "clothes hanger" effect in which your body appears to be a clothes hanger with the jacket hanging off it. On the other hand, a sports jacket that's too small will look awkward while also restricting your movement. You may struggle to bend your arms and move your torso, resulting in an uncomfortable fit. The good news is that you don't have to visit a dozen different retail stores in search of the perfect fit. By ordering your sports jacket here at StudioSuits, you can specify your own size. You tell us your body measurements, and we'll use those measurements to create a custom-fitted sports jacket that's designed specifically for you.

#6) Check the Pockets

How many pockets does the sports jacket contain, and where are those pockets located? You should try to answer these questions when shopping for a new sports jacket. Most sports jacket feature two pockets -- one on each side of the front bottom. These pockets usually feature a button for fastening, allowing you to secure small items inside. But you'll also find sports jackets with four or more pockets. If you're trying to create a classic style, it's best to stick with a two pocket sports jacket. On the other hand, if you want a more modern style, consider a sports jacket with more than two pockets. Either way, pockets are a valuable addition to a sports feature, as they offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. The key thing is that you choose a pocket configuration that matches your personal style.

#7) Quality Matters

Finally, pay attention to overall quality when choosing a sports jacket. Different sports jackets are made with different quality materials and craftsmanship. You can expect to pay more for a high-quality sports jacket, but it will look better, feel more comfortable and last longer than its lower quality counterparts, making it a smart financial investment. Following these seven tips will help you choose the right sports jacket. Keep in mind, however, that there are other forms of men's outwear from which to choose. If you want a strictly formal appearance, stick with a suit jacket with matching trousers. But if the occasion allows for something slightly less formal, a sports jacket will suffice.