7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cotton Suit

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cotton Suit

Cotton is one of the most popular materials in which suits are made. Derived from the soft fibers of the cotton plant, it's prized for its soft texture and breathability. Not all cotton suits are the same, however. There are dozens of different types of cotton suits, each with their own unique characteristics. To ensure you get the right suit for your personal needs, you should consider the seven following things when shopping for a cotton suit.

#1) 2 or 3 Piece

You can find cotton suits available in two- and three-piece styles. Unless you're familiar with men's suits, you may assume they are the same. What's the difference between them exactly? A two-piece cotton suit, as the name suggests, consists of two garments, whereas a three-piece cotton suit consists of three garments.

All two-piece suits contain a pair of trousers and a matching jacket. In comparison, three-piece suits contain a pair of trousers, a matching jacket and a waistcoat. Cotton suits are available in both two- and three-piece styles. For a formal appearance, you may want to choose a three-piece cotton suit. They are considered more formal than their two-piece counterparts.

#2) Weight

Cotton suits are available in different weights. Some cotton suits are relatively light, whereas others are heavier. A lightweight cotton suit, for instance, offers a lighter weight than a heavyweight cotton suit. It's constructed of less cotton material, resulting in a lighter weight.

Generally speaking, lightweight cotton suits are ideal for the spring and summer months. If it's hot outside, you'll probably prefer a lightweight cotton suit so that it doesn't weigh you down. A lightweight construction will allow your body to breathe, thereby keeping you comfortable during the otherwise hot spring and summer months.

If you're planning to wear it during the fall or winter, on the other hand, you may want to choose a heavyweight cotton suit. The weight of a suit varies depending on the amount of cotton material used in its construction. Heavyweight suits contain more cotton, so they are naturally thicker and warmer than lightweight suits.

#3) Traditional or Stretch

Something else to consider when shopping for a cotton suit is whether you want a traditional or stretch suit. A traditional cotton suit is a type of two- or three-piece suit consisting entirely of cotton. It doesn't contain any other materials. Rather, it's made entirely of pure cotton. A stretch cotton suit, conversely, is a type of two- or three-piece suit that contains both cotton and an elastic material.

Stretch cotton suits look the same as traditional cotton suits, but they offer a more elastic texture. They are known as "stretch cotton suits" because they can stretch. When even a small amount of elastic material is used in a suit, the suit becomes stretchier. Many men prefer stretch cotton suits over traditional cotton suits for this reason. When worn, a stretch cotton suit will stretch with your body to offer a higher level of comfort.

#4) Color

Cotton suits are available in a plethora of colors. Black is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors. Black cotton suits are formal, elegant and timeless. At the same time, they conceal stains and debris more effectively than suit jackets featuring other colors. These characteristics make them a popular choice.

Black, of course, isn't the only color in which cotton suits are made. You can find cotton suits in white, beige, navy, gray, green and many other colors. Some cotton suits may even feature two or more colors. Pinstripe cotton suits have multiple colors. They typically have a primary color as well as a secondary color that's used for the vertical pinstripes. Conversely, plaid cotton suits have multiple colors as well. Rather than stripes, though, they are designed with plaid squares.

#5) Pockets

You should consider the pockets when shopping for a cotton suit. Pockets serve several purposes. For starters, they enhance the appearance of a suit jacket. With pockets, a cotton suit jacket will offer a more defined appearance by breaking up the color.

Pockets also allow you to accessorize a cotton suit. You can wear a pocket square in a cotton suit jacket, for instance, if it contains at least one breast pocket. If a cotton suit jacket doesn't contain a breast pocket, you won't be able to accessorize it with a pocket square.

#6) Buttons

In addition to the pockets, pay attention to the buttons when shopping for a cotton suit. All suits have buttons, and cotton suits are no exception. Suit jackets generally have at least two buttons on the front. To secure the front of a suit jacket, you'll need to fasten at least one of these buttons. You can unfasten the buttons to leave the front of your suit jacket open.

Some cotton suits are made with better buttons than others. If a cotton suit has cheap or otherwise low-quality buttons, you may want to look elsewhere. If the buttons are low quality, other aspects of the suit may be low quality as well. Therefore, it's a good idea to inspect a cotton suit's buttons before buying it. Only buy a cotton suit if it features durable and high-quality buttons.

#7) Size

If there's one thing you don't want to overlook when choosing a cotton suit, it's the size. The size of a cotton suit will affect both its appearance and its level of comfort. Buying a cotton suit that's either too big or too small is a serious mistake.

An oversized cotton suit will look awkward while offering a baggy fit that's not particularly comfortable to wear. An undersized cotton suit, on the other hand, will restrict your ability to walk and move when worn. You can avoid headaches such as this by ordering a custom-sized cotton suit that's designed specifically for your body.

You can't go wrong with a cotton suit. Cotton is known as one of the softest and more versatile textiles in the world. With a cotton suit, you'll reap these benefits while projecting a fashionable style.