7 Reasons to Rock Plaid Dress Pants

7 Reasons to Rock Plaid Dress Pants

You can't create a formal outfit without a pair of dress pants. All men's formal outfits consist of a formal shirt, such as a button-up dress shirt, and a pair of dress pants. For a picture-perfect formal outfit, you can wear a suit jacket as well. When choosing a pair of dress pants for a formal outfit, though, you may want to consider a plaid pattern.

Plaid dress pants are characterized by the use of a plaid pattern. They feature a checkered design consisting of overlapping squares or rectangles. Why should choose plaid dress pants exactly?

#1) Multiple Colors

Plaid dress pants don't feature a single color. While you can find them in dozens of different styles, they all feature multiple colors. Plaid is a pattern that, as previously mentioned, features many individual squares or rectangles. As a result, all plaid dress pants feature multiple colors. Some of them feature two colors, whereas other plaid dress pants feature three or more colors. Regardless, plaid dress pants offer a colorful design that leverages multiple colors.

#2) Available in a Variety of Fabrics

You can find plaid dress pants in a variety of fabrics. Some of them are made of cotton. All cotton dress pants are soft and easy to maintain. Plaid dress pants made of cotton offer these same benefits. With that said, plaid dress pants are available in other fabrics.

You can find them in linen, for instance. Linen is an organic fabric with similar properties as cotton. It's soft, machine-washable and gentle on the skin. Linen, though, weighs less than cotton and is more breathable.

There are even wool plaid dress pants. Wool, of course, is heavier than both cotton and linen. On the other hand, wool is incredibly soft. If you prefer the heavy yet soft properties of wool, you may want to choose plaid dress pants made of this fabric.

#3) Year-Round Use

Another benefit of plaid dress pants is year-round use. You can wear plaid dress pants all 12 months of the year. Other types of pants are often exclusive to a particular season. You might be able to wear them during the spring and summer but not the winter. This isn't a concern with plaid dress pants. Plaid dress pants can be worn year-round.

With their year-round use, you can keep plaid dress pants in your closet. You won't have to move them into the attic or another storage area at the end of the current season. Plaid dress pants are versatile and can be worn during all seasons of the year. This is one more reason why you should rock plaid dress pants in your outfits.

#4) Conceals Wrinkles

You might be surprised to learn that plaid dress pants can conceal wrinkles. Wrinkles are essentially rigid creases in the fabric of a given fabric. All garments, including dress pants, can develop wrinkles. When the fabric bends or otherwise creases, a wrinkle may form. While plaid dress pants aren't immune to wrinkles, they can conceal wrinkles more effectively than other types of dress pants.

Plaid dress pants feature a checkered design. When inspecting a pair of plaid dress pants, you'll notice they have many small square or rectangular boxes. This checkered design will conceal wrinkles. The overlapping squares or rectangles will make the wrinkles difficult to see. If you're worried about wrinkles affecting the appearance of your dress pants, plaid is the way to go. Plaid dress pants are better at concealing wrinkles than most other types of dress pants, including those in a solid color or even a striped pattern.

#5) Easy to Accessorize With a Tie

Plaid dress pants are easy to accessorize with a tie. You can wear either a necktie or a bow tie with them. If you're going to wear plaid dress pants with a suit jacket, for example, you should typically accessorize them with one of these ties. Neckties and bow ties are synonymous with men's formal outfits. While there are exceptions, most suit outfits should include either a necktie or a bow tie.

You can easily accessorize plaid dress pants with a necktie or bow tie. Just just a necktie or bow tie in a color that matches one of the secondary colors of the checkered pattern. Plaid dress pants have a checkered pattern that includes a primary color and one or more secondary colors.

#6) Classic Appearance

We can't talk about the benefits of plaid dress pants without mentioning their classic appearance. Plaid isn't a new style. Rather, it's been around for several centuries. From dress pants and shorts to shirts and jackets, countless garments feature a plaid style.

Because plaid has been around for such a long time, it's safe to assume that it will remain popular in the years to come. You don't have to worry about plaid dress pants going out of style. Plaid is an age-old style, and since its origins several centuries, it's only become more popular. You can embrace the classic appearance of plaid by including plaid dress pants in your outfits.

#7) Pleated and Non-Pleated

Whether you prefer pleated or non-pleated dress pants, you should be able to find them in plaid. Plaid dress pants are available in both types of fronts. Some of them have a pleated front. Other plaid dress pants have a non-pleated front.

Non-pleated dress pants essentially have a smooth front. They are also known as flat-front dress pants. Pleated dress pants, on the other hand, have one or more pleats on each pant leg. A pleat is a permanent crease. Pleats are oftentimes added to dress pants so that they'll flex when sitting and standing.

If you're going to choose plaid dress pants with a pleated front, you should consider the number of pleats. A single-pleat front means that each pant leg will have a single pleat. A two-pleat front means that each pant leg will have two pleats. Single-pleated dress pants are more common, but some men prefer the more flexible properties of two-pleated dress pants.