7 Reasons to Choose an Italian Silk Suit

7 Reasons to Choose an Italian Silk Suit

If you have a taste for high-end fashion, you should consider investing in an Italian silk suit. Silk suits are synonymous with luxurious and premium fashion. Those made of Italian silk, however, are a step above the rest. By choosing an Italian silk suit, you'll benefit in several different ways. Below are seven undeniable reasons to choose an Italian silk suit.

#1) Soft and Smooth

If you've ever felt silk before, you may recall its distinct soft and smooth texture. After all, there's a reason why the term "silky smooth" is used to describe soft and smooth objects. Well, Italian silk suits embody these characteristics. They have an ultra-soft and equally smooth texture that's gentle on your skin.

You can wear an Italian silk suit for the entire day without it causing discomfort. Italian silk suits are softer than cotton, wool, linen and pretty much all other suits. Other types of suit materials have a tendency to irritate your skin when worn. It's frustrating when you buy a new suit, only to realize that it causes skin irritation or discomfort. With an Italian silk suit, skin irritation and discomfort isn't a problem. Of course, this is just one of many reasons to choose an Italian silk suit.

#2) Hypoallergenic

Italian silk suits are hypoallergenic. What does this mean exactly? Hypoallergenic refers to a material having a low risk of triggering skin allergies. Millions of people suffer from skin allergies. When they are exposed to certain to chemicals, fabrics, pollen or other compounds, they'll break out in hives. Certain materials used in the construction of suits can trigger skin allergies.

The good news is that Italian silk isn't one of them. Italian silk is hypoallergenic in the sense that it won't trigger skin allergies. Even if you regularly break out in hives when wearing common suit fabrics, you can comfortably wear an Italian silk suit without worrying about skin allergies. Italian silk is hypoallergenic, so it won't cause skin allergies when worn.

#3) Lightweight

Another reason to choose an Italian silk suit is that they are lightweight. The Italian Silk Alabro Suit sold here at StudioSuits, for instance, weighs just 325 grams. It won't weigh you down when worn. Coming in at just 325 grams, the Italian Silk Alabro Suit is incredibly lightweight. The lightweight properties of Italian silk distinguish it from other types of suit materials, as well as other types of silk, on the market.

We offer other high-end types of Italian silk suits here at StudioSuits. Regardless of which one you choose, though, you can rest assured knowing that it's lightweight. All Italian silk suits are made of premium silk with a superior level of fineness. They are finer, and therefore lighter, than suits made of other materials. As a result, you can wear an Italian silk suit without it weighing you down.

#4) Natural Sheen

When shopping for an Italian silk suit, you may notice that they have a natural sheen -- something that's not found in other types of suits. Silk has several unique characteristics, one of which is a natural sheen. In other words, it has a lustrous surface that reflects light, resulting in a shiny surface.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, there's no better choice than an Italian silk suit. With its natural sheen, an Italian silk suit has a unique appearance that distinguishes it from all other types of suit. You won't find cotton, wool or linen suits with this same natural sheen. Rather, only those made of silk have a natural sheen.

#5) Repels Moisture

You might be surprised to learn that Italian silk suits repel moisture. Many people assume that silk is absorbent. They assume that silk absorbs water and moisture, making it a poor choice of material to wear when it's raining outside. The truth, however, is that silk repels moisture. When exposed to moisture, silk -- as well as Italian silk -- will repel it.

Whether the skies are sunny and clear or dark and raining, you can wear an Italian silk suit. Silk has moisture-resistant properties that allow it to repel water. With that said, you should still try to minimize your Italian silk suit's exposure to moisture. Keeping it dry allows for a cleaner and more formal appearance. Nonetheless, an Italian silk suit will repel moisture thanks to its unique properties.

#6) Variety of Styles

Italian silk suits are available in a variety of styles. Granted, some stores have a limited number of Italian silk suits. Many stores, in fact, don't carry any Italian silk suits. The opposite can be said for StudioSuits. Here at StudioSuits, we offer one of the largest selections of high-end and premium Italian silk suits.

If you order an Italian silk suit from StudioSuits, you'll have the freedom to choose a custom size. In other words, you aren't restricted to choosing fixed or generic measurements for the suit jacket and trousers. All our Italian silk suits come with custom sizing at no additional charge. When ordering, you can provide us with your body measurements. We'll use these measurements to design a custom-sized Italian silk suit that fits your body perfectly.

#7) Longevity

When properly cared for, an Italian silk suit can last for a very long time. Italian silk is a high-quality material with a superior level of craftsmanship. It's made in Italy, which is regarded as one of the world's leading producers of high-end textiles.

To care for an Italian silk suit, you'll need to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Like all suits, it should have a label that contains instructions on how to care for it. Known as a care tag or care tag, it should state the proper way to clean your Italian silk suit. Many Italian silk suits should only be dry cleaned. This is due to the fact that Italian silk is thin and lightweight. If you wash it in a washing machine, your Italian silk suit may sustain damage. Dry cleaning is a gentler and safer cleaning method. It won't expose your Italian silk suit to a tumbling drum, nor will it expose your Italian silk suit to water. Dry cleaning uses powerful cleaning chemicals to quickly and effectively clean garments, making it a safe and effective choice for Italian silk suits.