7 Reasons to Choose a Herringbone Suit

7 Reasons to Choose a Herringbone Suit

You can't go wrong with a herringbone suit. Defined by their classic V-shaped weaving pattern, herringbone suits have become a popular choice of men's formal wear. They feature a pattern consisting of horizontally aligned V-shaped tiles. While you can find suits in other patterns, herringbone suits offer some surprising benefits. Below are seven reasons to choose a herringbone suit.

#1) Versatilility

Herringbone suits are versatile. With their V-shaped weaving pattern, they'll match or otherwise complement most other garments with which they are worn. You'll need to wear a dress shirt with your herringbone suit, and you'll probably want to wear a necktie with it as well.

Herringbone suits are versatile because of their V-shaped weaving pattern. This unique weaving pattern consists of multiple colors, which allows herringbone suits to complement most other garments. Regardless of what dress shirt or necktie you intend to wear with it, your herringbone suit should match them.

#2) Softness

Another reason to choose a herringbone suit is softness. Like most suits, herringbone suits are available in different fabrics. Nearly all of them, however, are made of a soft fabric, the most common being wool.

Woolen herringbone suits offer a superior level of softness. Whether derived from sheep or goats, wool is an extremely soft fabric. It has a naturally soft and fluffy texture that's not found in many other fabrics. If you're tired of buying new suits, only to discover that they are rough or scratchy, you may want to choose a woolen herringbone suit. It will provide a super-soft texture that manifests in the form of increased comfort.

#3) Formality

You can easily create a formal outfit with a herringbone suit. Herringbone suits offer a high level of formality. Formal outfits, of course, are dressier than casual outfits. If you're simply running errands around town -- or perform other everyday activities -- you can wear a casual outfit. For dressier occasions, on the other hand, you'll need to wear a formal outfit.

A herringbone suit is an excellent choice for a formal outfit. It offers a naturally formal appearance that's suitable for all "dressy" occasions. Maybe you're planning to attend a business meeting, or perhaps you've been invited to a friend's or family member's wedding. Regardless, when the occasion calls for a formal outfit, you can't go wrong with a herringbone suit.

#4) Waistcoat Support

You can wear a herringbone suit either by itself or with a waistcoat. A waistcoat is simply a vest that's worn in conjunction with a suit. It consists of a sleeveless upper-body garment that's worn over a dress shirt and under a suit jacket. The purpose of a waistcoat is to create a more form-fitting appearance while simultaneously introducing new colors to your outfit.

With a herringbone suit, you can enhance your outfit with a waistcoat. Waistcoats work well with herringbone suits. Herringbone suits have a V-shaped weaving pattern that consists of multiple colors. As a result, they match nearly all waistcoats.

Keep in mind that you should choose a waistcoat in the same fabric as your herringbone suit. If you're wearing a woolen herringbone suit, you should choose a waistcoat made of wool. Choosing a waistcoat in the same fabric as your herringbone suit will promote a more uniform appearance that enhances your outfit.

#5) Different Lapel Styles

Herringbone suits aren't limited to any single lapel style. You can find them in several different lapel styles. What are lapels exactly? Lapels are sections of folded fabric on suit jackets. Suit jackets typically don't have a smooth front. Rather, they have sections of folded fabric. Known as lapels, these sections of folded fabric have become synonymous with men's formal wear.

There are different styles of lapels, though. When shopping for a herringbone suit, you'll need to choose the right lapel style. Some herringbone suits have notched lapels. Also known as step collar lapels, it's a simple style that's found on most single-breasted suit jackets. Other herringbone suits have peaked lapels. Peaked lapels are more formal than notched lapels. While notched lapels are typically found on single-breasted suit jackets, notched lapels are usually found on double-breasted suit jackets.

#6) High-Quality Fasteners

Herringbone suits feature high-quality fasteners. Fasteners are buttons and zippers. For the jacket, you'll typically find either one or two columns of buttons. Single-breasted suit jackets have a single column of buttons. Double-breasted suit jackets have two columns of buttons. The trousers of your herringbone suit may also feature either buttons or a zipper on the fly.

With a herringbone suit, you won't have to worry about the fasteners succumbing to damage. Herringbone suits are designed with an emphasis on quality. From the fabric to the fasteners, herringbone suits are high-quality formal outfits. You should still inspect the fasteners for signs of wear and tear. As long as you care for your herringbone suit, though, neither the fasteners nor any other components should fail. Herringbone suits are high-quality formal outfits that can last for a very long time.

#7) Low Maintenance

All suits require maintenance -- and herringbone suits are no exception. With that said, herringbone suits typically require less maintenance than their counterparts. Since they are typically made of wool, you can spot clean them with warm water and soap. Alternatively, you can hand wash your herringbone suit by submerging it in water. Water won't damage your herringbone damage. On the contrary, it offers a safe and effective way to clean your herringbone suit.

Keep in mind that some herringbone suits shouldn't be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning involves the use of powerful stain-removing chemicals. It's not necessarily a "dry" cleaning process. Dry cleaning doesn't involve water, but it will expose your herringbone suit to cleaning chemicals. Some of these cleaning chemicals are harsh, and when exposed to them, your herringbone suit may degrade. You can check the care tag on your herringbone suit to determine whether or not it can be dry cleaned.