7 Quick Fixes for a Boring Suit

7 Quick Fixes for a Boring Suit

Does your suit lack any sense of style or cohesion? It's difficult to present yourself in the best possible manner without the right attire. Your clothes say a lot about your appearance and attitude. Some studies even suggest that your choice of attire affects how other people perceive you. While there's no better outfit to present yourself than a suit, not all suits are of equal quality. Thankfully, though, there are some quick fixes you can do to overcome an otherwise dull and boring suit.

Wear a Tiebar

Although small and seemingly insignificant, a tiebar is an excellent accessory to wear in conjunction with a suit. Some men disregard it as having little-to-no purpose, but it actually serves both aesthetic and functional purposes: wearing a tiebar secures your necktie in place, preventing it from flapping around when you move or bend over. Secondly, it adds a new visual element to your suit, enhancing your appearance with a unique touch of style that's simply not found elsewhere. Given its low cost (usually around $10), tiebars are also inexpensive. So if you're looking for a quick way to improve the appearance of your suit, try accessorizing it with a tiebar.

Contrast Colors

Another quick fix for a boring suit is to wear contrasting colors. Basically, this means choosing two garments of opposite color (on the color wheel). If you wear a black button-up dress shirt with a black suit jacket or coat, the two garments will blend together -- and not in a good way! However, wearing a white button-up dress shirt with a black suit coat or jacket creates a more visually appealing look, as the two colors contrast with each other. Of course, you can wear contrasting colors in other garments as well, including your necktie. If your shirt is white, consider wearing a dark-colored necktie like navy blue or black. Following this simple tip alone will dramatically transform the appearance of your suit.

Wear a Vest

You can also wear a vest to improve the look of your suit. Generally speaking, a suit consists of just a few basic garments, including trousers and a matching coat or jacket. However, you can further improve the look of your suit by wearing a vest between your dress shirt and jacket or coat. How does this help? Well, vests are beneficial for several reasons, one of which is their ability to create a slimmer, more form-fitting appearance. The right vest will hug your torso, enhancing your appearance while adding new colors and styles to your outfit. Just remember to choose a vest that matches your suit; otherwise, it will have the opposite effect by hurting your appearance rather than helping it.

Wear a Jacket

You have one of three different choices for outwear when wearing a suit: jackets, coats or blazers. Some people assume they are all the same. But while they share some similarities, suit jackets, coats and blazers have their own unique characteristics. Of the three available choices, the suit jacket is considered the dressiest and most formal outwear option. It's typically made of high-grade wool, although warm weather variants are available in cotton or linen. Because of its emphasis on quality, it's usually best to choose a suit jacket instead of a coat or blazer. There's nothing necessarily wrong with coats or blazers, but they won't offer the same high-end look as suit jackets. men-1796552_960_720

Polish Your Shoes

Don't underestimate the impact your shoes have over your appearance. You can choose the best-looking suit possible, but all of your efforts are in vain unless it's paired with the right shoes. The good news is that you can instantly improve the look of your shoes by polishing them. To do this, begin by using a horsehair brush to remove any loose dust and dirt. Next, cover the shoes with a generous amount of shoe polish using a special shoe polish brush (both polish and brush can be found at most shoe stores). Gently rub the polish into your shoes until it blends in, at which point you can head out the door with full confidence knowing that you have clean, newly polished shoes.

Check the Shoulders

When choosing a suit, pay close attention to the shoulders. Even if it feels fine in the waist and chest, the shoulders could be too big. And if they are too big, you'll have a difficult time creating a stylish appearance regardless of how hard you try. A well-fitted suit jacket should have shoulders that sit atop your own shoulders, without any excess fabric bunching up. This is one of the most common complaints among men when wearing a suit. To avoid such problems, consider custom ordering your suit from the suit experts here at StudioSuits. You can specify your own measurements when checking out, ensuring you get a suit that fits just right.

Arm Length

You should also check the arm length when choosing a suit. While the shoulders remain the most common area in which sizing problems occur, arms are a close second. Many men are guilty of wearing suit jackets and coats with arms that are either too long or too short. Ideally, the arms should stop at your wrists, just shy of where your hands begin. If they are too short, it creates an awkward appearance. Again, you can avoid these problems and more by custom ordering your suit from StudioSuits. Just specify your own sizing, and you'll have a custom-made suit shipped directly to your doorstop. There's no easier or faster way to find a perfect-fitting suit. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a stylish appearance when wearing a suit. A suit is something that every man needs to own. Even if your job doesn't require you to wear one, other occasions will occur in which you will need to wear a suit. So the next time you need to wear one, follow these tips to enhance your appearance.