7 Popular Patterns for Men's Dress Shirts

7 Popular Patterns for Men's Dress Shirts

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dress shirt is the pattern. Men's dress shirts are available in different materials, and they are available in different patterns. The material from which a dress is made will affect its physical characteristics, such as its softness, moisture resistance, wrinkle resistance and elasticity. The pattern, however, will affect its appearance.

#1) Plaid

You can't go wrong with plaid. Plaid is a checkered-like pattern consisting of horizontal and vertical lines that intersect each other. These lines run the full length of the shirt on which they are featured, resulting in the formation of squares or rectangles.

Plaid dress shirts have been around for many years. During that time, they've cemented their place as a fashion staple. Countless men prefer plaid dress shirts. Plaid is a simple, stylish and colorful pattern that works well for nearly all dress shirt styles.

#2) Tropical

Some men's dress shirts feature a tropical pattern. Tropical patterns are characterized by the use of bright colors and plant or floral images. There are Hawaiian shirts, for instance, that feature a red-and-white or yellow-and-white color scheme. They typically depict flowers or palm trees.

If you're looking for a new dress shirt to wear to a beach wedding -- or any other formal outdoor event -- you may want to choose a tropical dress shirt. Whether it's Hawaiian or any other tropical pattern, it will provide you with a cool and stylish appearance that's perfect for the outdoors. Tropical patterns feature plant or floral images, making them ideal for outdoor formal occasions.

#3) Polka Dot

Polka dot is a popular pattern for men's dress shirts. It consists of dozens or hundreds of dots, all of which are the same size. Polka-dot dress shirts will typically feature a background color, and they'll feature a separate color for the dots. The background, for example, might be gray and the dots white. All polka-dot dress shirts have multiple colors such as this.

Polka dots emerged as a fashion trend in the 1800s. They are known as "polka dots" because they originated from European polka music during this era. Whether you're a fan of polka music or not, though, you can wear a polka-dot dress shirt in your formal outfits. Polka dot is a simple, fun pattern that's available for men's dress shirts.

#4) Checkered 

Another popular pattern to consider when shopping for a men's dress shirt is checkered. Checkered dress shirts aren't the same as plaid. While checkered and plaid have a similar appearance, they are two different types of patterns with their own characteristics.

Plaid patterns always have three or more colors. Checkered patterns, on the other hand, only have two colors. Checkered patterns also depict symmetrical squares or rectangles. In comparison, the squares or rectangles depicted by plaid shirts may not be symmetrical. The bottom line is that checkered and plaid patterns aren't the same. You should consider both of these patterns when shopping for a men's dress shirt.

#5) Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are commonly used as dress shirt patterns. As the name suggests, this pattern consists of many equally spaced vertical stripes. Some dress shirts feature thick vertical stripes, whereas others feature thinner vertical stripes. Regardless of the width, the vertical stripes are always equally spaced and equally sized, resulting in a uniform appearance.

You can find vertical stripes in a variety of different colors. Like all other patterns listed here, they consist of multiple colors. Just remember to choose a cohesive color combination. You don't want to end up with a dress shirt in clashing colors. Instead, make sure the vertical stripes feature cohesive colors that complement each other.

#6) Horizontal Stripes

While some men's dress shirts feature vertical stripes, others feature horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes are similar to vertical stripes; the only difference is their orientation. Vertical stripes run vertically up and down. Horizontal stripes run horizontally from side to side. 

Dress shirts and other garments with horizontal stripes can make you look thinner when worn. They won't actually affect your weight. Nonetheless, horizontal stripes will create an illusionary effect that makes you look thinner. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, can make you look taller.

#7) Houndstooth

A lesser-known, albeit still popular, pattern for men's dress shirts is houndstooth. Many people assume that houndstooth is just another name for checkered. While they look the same when viewed from afar, though, they are two different patterns.

Houndstooth is essentially a broken checkered pattern. It doesn't feature squares or rectangles. Instead, houndstooth features abstract shapes that resemble a hound's tooth.

Benefits of wearing a houndstooth dress shirt include the following:

  • Uniform appearance consisting of abstract, tooth-like shapes
  • Offers a unique alternative to traditional checkered and plaid patterns
  • Available in countless different color combinations 
  • Projects a more fashion-forward appearance than many other patterns

What About Solid Colors?

You can always choose a men's dress shirt in a solid color. Some men's dress shirts feature a pattern, but others feature a solid color.

Solid-colored dress shirts are easy to match. They only feature a single color, so they typically won't clash with other garments or formal accessories. Patterns feature multiple colors. Some patterns feature two colors, whereas others feature three or more colors.

White is probably the most popular solid color for men's dress shirts. As a universal color, white matches all other colors with which it's worn. Another popular solid color for men's dress shirts is black. You can wear a black dress shirt in most of your formal outfits.

In Conclusion

There are many different patterns in which you can find men's dress shirts. Some of the most popular patterns include plaid, tropical, polka dot, checkered, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and houndstooth. Alternatively, you may want to choose a dress shirt in a solid color. You should still consider the material when choosing a men's dress shirt, but don't underestimate the importance of choosing the right pattern or color.