7 Features to Look for When Choosing a Dinner Jacket

7 Features to Look for When Choosing a Dinner Jacket

You can't wear just any jacket in a formal outfit. Formal outfits require the use of formal garments. Tuxedos and other types of traditional men's formal outfits, for example, will require the use of a dinner jacket. Also known as a black-tie jacket, it's an essential component of a formal outfit. There are different types of dinner jackets, however. By looking for the seven following features, you'll have an easier time choosing the perfect dinner jacket for your formal outfits.

#1) Satin Facing

Satin facing is an essential feature to look for a dinner jacket. Satin facing, of course, is one of the features that distinguishes dinner jackets from other types of men's jackets. All dinner jackets should have satin facing. Satin is a smooth and shiny fabric that's designed to enhance the appearance of dinner jackets. When shopping for a dinner jacket, check the lapels, pockets and buttons. You can usually find satin facing in these areas.

#2) Solid Color

Although there are exceptions, dinner jackets with a single and solid color are typically a better choice than those with multiple colors. There's a reason why they are also known as black-tie jackets: because most of them are black. They don't feature multiple colors. Rather, dinner jackets or "black tie jackets" have an all-black design.

Some dinner jackets may feature an alternative color. White, for instance, is a common color in which dinner jackets are made. You can't go wrong with either a black or white dinner jacket, assuming it matches the color of your trousers. If you're looking for a less-formal jacket, such as a blazer or sport coat, there's nothing wrong with choosing a multicolored design. For a dinner jacket, however, it's best to stick with a single and solid color.

#3) Premium Fabric

You should choose a dinner jacket that's made of a premium fabric. Dinner jackets are available in different fabrics. Some of them are made of a premium fabric, whereas others are made of a cheap or low-quality fabric.

Terry rayon is a premium fabric in which many dinner jackets are made. It's a synthetic fabric consisting of a mixture of rayon and polyester. The respective fabrics are woven together, resulting in terry rayon. Other premium fabrics in which dinner jackets are made include linen, wool and tweed.

Terry rayon dinner jackets are versatile. You can wear them year-round. Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, terry rayon dinner jackets offer a moderate amount of warmth that's great for all seasons. If you're only planning to wear it during the winter, conversely, you may want to choose a wool dinner jacket. Wool is among the warmest fabrics on the planet. A wool dinner jacket will keep you warm during the cold winter months by trapping more of your body heat than that of other fabrics.

#4) Vented Back

Another feature to look for in a dinner jacket is a vented back. In regards to jackets, a vent is a slit at the bottom of the back. Not all jackets are vented. Some jackets have a symmetrical back without any slits or openings. Dinner jackets, on the other hand, typically have one or two vents.

Dinner jackets with one vent will have a single slit at the bottom of the back. Dinner jackets with two vents, conversely, will have one slit on each side of the back. The purpose of these slits is to enhance the appearance of dinner jackets while also providing greater flexibility. Whether your dinner jacket has one or two slits, it will flex when you sit and stand. As a result, you should look for a vented back when choosing a dinner jacket.

#5) Single-Breasted Front

A single-breasted front is another feature to look for when choosing a dinner jacket. Single-breasted fronts are synonymous with dinner jackets. Other types of jackets are available in single-breasted and double-breasted fronts. Most dinner jackets, though, are only available in single-breasted fronts.

Single-breasted dinner jackets have a single column of buttons. Some of them, in fact, only have a single button on the front. Other single-breasted dinner jackets have two or three buttons on the front. Even if they have multiple buttons, the buttons will be arranged in a single column -- meaning each button will be placed directly over another button.

#6) Lining

You should look for lining when choosing a dinner jacket. Lining is a defining feature of high-quality dinner jackets. It will result in increased comfort, which is important when wearing a dinner jacket for an extended period.

What is lining, and why should you look for when choosing a dinner jacket? Lining is simply a thin layer of added fabric that's added to the interior of a dinner jacket. It's not made of the same fabric as the rest of the dinner jacket with which it's used. Rather, lining is typically made of an ultra-soft and smooth fabric, such as terry rayon. When added to the interior of a dinner jacket, will make the jacket more comfortable.

#7) Custom Sizing

Custom-sized dinner jackets will almost always look better, as well as feel better, than their generic-sized counterparts. Whether you're planning to buy a white or black dinner jacket, you should opt for custom sizing.

Custom-sized dinner jackets are available here at StudioSuits. You'll still have the freedom of choosing different colors and styles. Custom-sized dinner jackets simply allow you to specify your body measurements. Rather than choosing a generic size, you can specify the measurements of your body. The custom-sized dinner jacket when then be constructed to fit your body.

In Conclusion

Formal outfits are defined by their dressy, formal style. While there are different types of formal outfits, they all require the use of a formal jacket, such as a dinner jacket. Dinner jackets are formal men's jackets that are designed for use in formal outfits. Some of the features you should look for when choosing a dinner jacket include satin facing, a solid color, premium fabric, vented back, single-breasted front, lining and custom sizing.