7 Big Benefits of Wearing a Wool Suit

7 Big Benefits of Wearing a Wool Suit

Men's suits are available in a variety of fabrics, only one of which is cotton. While cotton is probably the most common fabric used in suits, you'll also find them available in linen, silk, tweed, polyester blends and even wool. While some men are skeptical of wearing a wool suit, doing so can offer several benefits. Here are seven big benefits of wearing a wool suit.

What Is Wool?

Before we go into the benefits of wearing a wool suit, let's first talk about the fabric itself. Wool is a textile consisting of fur from sheep, goats and other animals. Structurally speaking, it's different from cotton because it contains mostly protein with trace amounts of lipids. In comparison, cotton consists mostly of cellulose. These properties make wool an excellent choice of fabric for suits and other garments.

#1) It's Gentle on Your Skin

Wool suits are incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. Because it consists of animal fur, wool is a safe, all-natural fabric, so wearing a wool suit won't expose your skin to harsh chemicals or irritant substances. And the exceptional softness of wool can be attributed to its thin, fine strands of fabric. Merino wool, for example, is said to consists of up to 100 strands per square inch. With so many strands of fabric, wearing a wool suit is guaranteed to create a soft, luxurious feeling on your skin.

#2) It's Warm

If you're looking for a new suit to wear this winter, you can't go wrong with wool. Wool is often used to make winter apparel due to its insulation properties. When worn, a wool suit will act as insulation for your body by reducing the speed at which heat is released from your body. As heat remains trapped under your wool suit, it keeps you warm and comfortable even when it's cold outside. You can further increase the warmth of a wool suit by pairing it with a semi-thick button-up dress shirt. And for an even higher level of protection from the cold, consider wearing a basic V-neck t-shirt under your button-up dress shirt. Along with a wool suit, this formal outfit will allow you to muster through the cold winter weather in comfort and style.

#3) It's Resistant to Mold

Wool suits and other wool garments are naturally resistant to mold and mildew. This is partially because wool absorbs only a minimal amount of water, and mold- and mildew-causing fungi can't thrive without water. You should still follow the suit manufacturer's recommendations regarding cleaning and maintenance, but it's doubtful that mold or mildew will form on your wool suit. Whether you wear it once a year or every other day, you can rest assured knowing that your wool suit is resistant to mold. 9164961443_43fdedffec_z (1)

#4) It's Lightweight

Some men assume that wool suits are heavy because of the high level of warmth and protection from the cold that they offer. In reality, though, wool weighs less than most other fabrics, even cotton. Keep in mind that different types of wool weigh different amounts. Premium, high-end wool typically weighs less than cheaper, low-end wool. Therefore, you should consider spending the extra money on a premium wool suit. It's a smart investment that will offer the highest level of comfort possible. The lightweight properties of wool make wool suits particularly beneficial if you wear a suit to work on a regular basis. Even if you clock eight or more hours in a typical workday, wearing wool suit won't weigh you don, especially if you choose a premium wool suit.

#5) It Looks Amazing

We can't talk about the benefits of wearing a suit without mentioning its stylish appearance. You can find them available in just about any color, including traditional colors like black and navy, as well as less traditional colors like green, taupe and tan. Regardless of color, though, all wool suits have a stylish appearance. Their small, fine strands of fabric creates a unique appearance that's simply not found in other fabrics. You can wear a wool to work, weddings, graduations and other formal events or occasions. Just remember to stick with a high-quality, premium wool suit to reap the benefits of this versatile fabric.

#6) Finding the Perfect Size Is Easy

Wearing a suit that's either too big or too small for your body is a serious fashion faux pas. However, it's also something that you can avoid by ordering your suit here at StudioSuits. We offer a wide variety of high-quality suits, including premium wool suits. When ordering a suit from us, you can specify your own body measurements. Rather than simply choosing a generic size, for example, you tell us the measurements of your body. Once we receive these measurements, we'll use them to design a wool suit that fits your body perfectly. You don't have to visit local retail stores to find a wool suit in your size. If you order it here, you can have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

#7) It's Less Likely to Catch Fire

You don't have to worry about your wool suit catching fire. This is because wool has a higher combustion point than cotton, polyester and many other fabrics. In other words, it takes hotter temperatures to ignite wool than it does other fabrics. Furthermore, wool produces less heat when burned, and unlike polyester and other synthetic fabrics, it doesn't melt or drip. Rather, it develops a charred exterior that essentially acts as insulation for the underlying layers of fabric while smothering and extinguishing the flame in the process. You shouldn't run through a fire while wearing a wool suit, but it's still nice to know that wool suits and other wool garments offer a superior level of fire protection -- and that's just one more benefit of wearing a wool suit. Now that you know the benefits of wearing a suit, head over to our online store to find the perfect wool suit today!