7 Benefits of Lined Trousers

7 Benefits of Lined Trousers

Lined trousers have become increasingly popular in recent years. As their name suggests, they are characterized by the presence of a soft material, such as viscose, that lines the inside. Traditional men's trousers only have a single layer of material. Lined trousers, however, have two layers of material: an outer layer as well as an inner "lining" layer. Unless you've worn them in the past, though, you might be wondering what benefits lined trousers offer.

#1) Prevents Clinging

You can rest assured knowing that lines trousers won't cling to your skin when worn. High-quality lined trousers feature a soft lining material that doesn't cling or otherwise stick to your skin. The Italian Linen Pants sold here at StudioSuits, for example, feature 100% viscose lining. The outer layer is made of high-quality linen, but the inner layer is made of viscose. Viscose, of course, is a super-soft material, so it naturally prevents clinging.

#2) Increased Warmth

Not surprisingly, lined trousers offer a higher level of thermal protection than traditional non-lined trousers. The level of warmth offered by any garment is largely measured in the number of layers it contains. With two layers rather than just one, lined trousers offer greater warmth. Both the outer and inner layers will trap your body heat to protect you from cold weather. You can wear lined trousers at any time of the year, but they are particularly useful to wear during the winter months for this reason. If you constantly find yourself getting cold when wearing traditional trousers during the winter, perhaps you should switch to lined trousers.

#3) Fewer Wrinkles

Lined trousers aren't immune to wrinkles, but they typically develop fewer and less-noticeable wrinkles than their non-lined counterparts. How do lined trousers protect against wrinkles exactly? Well, they feature two layers, so they are naturally heavier than traditional trousers. The relatively heavyweight construction of lined trousers prevents them from bunching -- something that often leads to the formation of wrinkles. Without lining, your trousers may bunch around the thighs, knees or bottom of the pant legs. Eventually, these creases may turn to wrinkles. To minimize the risk of wrinkles, consider purchasing and wearing lined trousers. To further protect your lined trousers from wrinkles, follow these tips:
  • Get your lined trousers dry cleaned. Dry cleaning doesn't just clean garments; it de-wrinkles them.
  • Store on a heavy wooden clothes hanger. With your lined trousers stored on a wooden hanger, they'll retain their shape.
  • Rub a dryer sheet across the surface of your lined trousers. It may sound unusual, but dryer sheets can protect against wrinkles by neutralizing static cling.
  • Check the care tag for more information on how to prevent and eliminate wrinkles with your lined trousers. The care tag features a list of instructions on how to properly maintain your lined trousers.

#4) Increased Durability

Another benefit of choosing lined trousers is increased durability. It's frustrating when you spend your time, as well as money, shopping for a new pair of trousers, only for them to succumb to damage just a few weeks or months later. No garment lasts forever, but some are longer-lasting than others. Lined trousers, for instance, tend to last longer than traditional trousers because of their extra layer of material. The problem with traditional trousers is that they lack an inner layer. When wearing traditional trousers, the material will rub against your body. Over time, this constant rubbing will wear down your trousers, potentially causing permanent damage to them. Lined trousers are more durable, however, because they have two layers of material rather than just one. shoes-923163_640

#5) Better Hang

Another reason to choose lined trousers is a better hang. With two layers of material, they have a naturally heavier construction than traditional trousers. Their semi-heavy construction makes them hang more naturally when worn. Why does this matter? Well, your trousers will have a more flattering fit, as well as appearance, if they hang naturally. Unfortunately, many traditional trousers have a poor hang due to their lightweight construction. If you're looking for the best fit and appearance, you should invest in a pair of lined trousers. This is just one more benefit of wearing lined trousers.

#6) Available in a Variety of Styles

Lined trousers are available in a wide variety of styles. You aren't limited to choosing lined trousers in a basic color like black or brown. When you order from StudioSuits, you can choose lined trousers in dozens of different colors. Furthermore, you aren't restricted to choosing lined trousers in a single color. Lined trousers are available in striped, plaid and similar styles that feature multiple colors. In addition to a wide variety of styles, we offer lined trousers in custom sizes. Most stores only sell trousers in basic sizes. You may get lucky and find a pair of lined trousers in the right size for your body, but unfortunately this doesn't always happen. Instead, you may end up with trousers that are either too small or too big in certain areas. To ensure this doesn't happen, you need to choose custom-sized lined trousers, such as those offered here at StudioSuits.

#7) Better Value

You'll get better value with lined trousers as opposed to non-lined trousers. Granted, lined trousers typically cost more than traditional trousers. After all, they are made with two layers of material rather than just one layer. And with two layers, they cost more for manufacturers to produce. Nonetheless, lined trousers offer significantly better value than traditional trousers. We've already talked about how lined trousers are durable and long-lasting. The presence of an extra layer of material helps to preserve the trousers' integrity while protecting them from premature wear and tear in the process. Don't miss out on the benefits of lined trousers. From cling prevention and increased warmth to improved durability and a better hang, these are just a few reasons to include lined trousers in your formal outfits.