5 Golden Rules to Follow When Wearing a Suit

5 Golden Rules to Follow When Wearing a Suit

There are certain rules guys should follow when wearing a suit. While you may already know some of them, chances are others will surprise you.

Your Tie Bar Shouldn't Be Wider Than The Tie

This rule is pretty self-explanatory. The tie bar of your suit shouldn't be wider than the actual tie bar; otherwise, it creates an unbalanced appearance that takes away from the suit's natural aesthetics. If necessary, choose a slimmer tie so you aren't guilty of making this mistake.

Watch The Coat Length

One of the most common suit-wearing mistakes men make is choosing a coat that's goes past their waistline. I always cringe when I see guys wearing long coats, as it messes up their entire look. You can easily avoid this scenario, however, by choosing a coat that stops just around your waistline. In the event that your current coat is to long, take it to a professional tailor to have it adjusted. The small price for tailoring is a smart investment that will allow you to wear your coat the way it was intended.

Unfasten Your Jacket Buttons When You Sit

There's an unwritten rule of sorts that states guys should unfasten the buttons on their suit jacket when sitting. Why is this important? Well, if you've ever tried to sit with your jacket buttons fastened, you may recall what happened -- the jacket bunched up in the middle to create a messy appearance. Whether you are sitting down for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours, go ahead and unfasten your buttons. It's a simple way to improve your look while protecting your jacket from wrinkles.

Remove Stitching and Labels Before Wearing a Suit

Before wearing a new suit for the first time, take a moment to remove the vent stitching and labels. Some guys are eager to get in their new suit and hit the road, overlooking this step. But leaving the vent stitching in place will reduce the overall appeal of a suit by making it look somewhat tacky.

Shoes and Tie

A good rule of thumb to follow when wearing a suit is to match your shoes with your tie. This doesn't necessarily mean they have to be the same color, but they should have similar colors or designs that flow together in cohesive manner.