2015 Fall Fashion Trends to Watch

2015 Fall Fashion Trends to Watch

With the fall season now upon us, many guys are putting up their shorts and short-sleeved shirts for the year, replacing them with cool-weather apparel. However, fashion trends vary from year to year, so a style that may have been popular last year could be out this year. This is why it's important for guys to keep tabs on the current fashion trends. If you feel lost, don't worry, because we're going to reveal some of the top fashion trends for fall 2015, giving you the upper-hand this season.

Back to the Basics

This isn't exactly a new trend, but we've seen more and more guys opting for simple, basic garments instead of complex outfits. This may include something like a pair of indigo-colored jeans with a button-up shirt, or for a more formal appearance, a traditional suit with necktie. When you're running late for work and can't seem to find the right clothes to wear, you can always resort to a simple outfit such as this.

Tan is in

According to the style experts at BusinessInsider, tan and similar neutral colors will be trending this fall season. Many guys view neutral colors such as this as being bland and uninspiring, but it's all about the way in which they are worn. If you wear a tan-colored sweater with a pair of khakis of similar color, it's going to create a pretty dull appearance. But if you pair a tan sweater with dark jeans, the combination of the two will really create a positive image. For this reason, it's recommended that you add tan to your wardrobe this fall season.


Who says you can't wear plaid? If you keep up with the current fashion tends, you'll notice there's a growing popularity surrounding plaid men's wear. A simple plaid button-up is a great choice for casual wear. And best of all, you can wear it with a wide variety of other styles and colors, assuming they don't have stripes in the design (plaid and stripes don't mix).


Yep, you can pull out the turtlenecks this fall, because they are coming back with a vengeance. The turtleneck sweater isn't a new trend by any means, as men and women alike have been wearing them for years. In the past 6-8 years, however, their popularity has gradually declined, with fewer and fewer people wearing them -- that is until now. Thanks to its combination of comfort, versatility and style, the turtleneck is making a strong comeback this fall season.