10 Tips to Look Your Best When Wearing a Suit

10 Tips to Look Your Best When Wearing a Suit

Whether you work in a traditional office job or not, you should invest in a high-quality suit. Aside from work, there are certain occasions that call for formal wear -- and there's no substitution for a men's suit. From weddings and anniversaries to graduations and business meetings, there are countless occasions during which you'll need to wear a suit. To ensure you look your best, however, you should follow the fashion tips listed below when wearing a suit.

#1) Choose a Matching Suit

First and foremost, you need to choose a matching suit. In other words, your suit jacket should match your trousers. If your trousers are black, your jacket should also be black. Wearing a pair of black suit trousers with a brown jacket is a serious fashion faux-pas that will hurt your efforts to create a stylish and attractive outfit. To prevent this from happening, make sure your trousers match your jacket.

#2) Avoid Blazers

Following that same principle, it's also a good idea to avoid wearing a blazer with a suit. Some guys assume blazers are the same as a suit jacket, but this isn't necessarily true. Blazers are less formal than suit jackets. Therefore, they should only be worn for semi-formal events and occasions. If you're getting dressed for a black tie or other strictly format event, you need to stick with a traditional suit jacket while leaving the blazer at home.

#3) Invest in a High-Quality Necktie

Don't underestimate the importance of wearing an attractive, high-quality necktie with your suit. While it doesn't serve any functional purpose, it plays a key role in defining your appearance. A proper necktie should be sized to fit your body, and it should also feature a color that compliments the rest of your suit. We've talked about this before on our blog, but it's worth mentioning again that a necktie should stop right at the top of your belt. You can typically adjust your necktie to achieve the desired length.

#4) Wear a Dress Watch

While optional, many men choose to wear a wristwatch with their suit. Doing so allows them to keep track of the time more easily while also adding a stylish touch to their outfit. With that said, however, you need to choose the right type of wristwatch. Traditional "sports" wristwatches should be avoided due to their overly casual appearance. A better choice is to wear a dress watch with either a leather or metallic-chrome band. fashion-12144

#5) Get it Pressed!

Another serious fashion faux-pas you should avoid is wearing a wrinkled suit. Regardless of the occasion, you should never wear a wrinkled suit. Even minor wrinkles or creases will significantly hurt your efforts to create a stylish and attractive appearance. Thankfully, there are ways to de-wrinkle suits, one of which is to have your suit dry cleaned. Alternatively, you may be able to remove wrinkles from your suit by using a steam iron. Before doing either of these things, though, you should read the care label on your suit to find the manufacturer's recommendations. Typically found inside the waistband of suit trousers and inside the collar of suit jackets, the care label contains specific instructions by the manufacturer on how to clean and care for the respective garment.

#6) Don't Wear Baggy Trousers

I always cringe when I see someone wearing baggy trousers. Even if they are more comfortable, baggy trousers aren't particularly flattering, nor do they offer any benefit to your appearance. If you're going to wear a suit, you need to choose trousers that fit your body shape and size. This, of course, isn't always easy considering the fact that most retail stores sell trousers in fixed sizes. And if the store doesn't offer your size, you are simply out of luck. But there's an easier way to find the perfect pair of fitted suit trousers. At StudioSuits, we offer custom sizing on all suits. You tell us your size, and we'll make you a custom pair based on your specified measurements.

#7) Wear Matching Socks

When getting dressed, you may overlook the importance of choosing the right color socks. In fact, some men opt for dress socks with bright colors or funky designs, believing that no one will see them. While it's true that no one should see your socks when you are standing, you probably won't be standing for the entire duration. When you sit, the bottom of your trousers will rise just slightly, revealing a portion of your socks. Because of this, you need to choose socks in the same color as your trousers. If your trousers are black, you should also wear black socks. If your trousers are navy, stick with navy socks -- you get the idea.

#8) Button Your Shirt's Top Collar Button

For whatever reason -- probably comfort -- some men are guilty of leaving their top shirt collar button undone. Unfortunately, this backfires in their efforts to create an attractive outfit. If you leave the top collar button undone, your outfit will look messy and unflattering. Granted, fastening this button will increase tension around your neck, but it shouldn't cause any discomfort as long as your shirt fits properly.

#9) Wear a Belt

Don't forget to wear a belt with your suit. Even if your trousers fit and remain secure around your waist, you should still wear a belt for aesthetic purposes. It adds color to your outfit while also defining your look. Because of its multiple uses, a belt is an essential component of a suit.

#10) But Don't Wear Suspenders

There's nothing wrong with wearing suspenders with a suit, but you shouldn't wear them if you are already wearing a belt. The entire purpose of suspenders is to hold up your trousers; therefore, wearing them both in the same outfit isn't necessary.