10 Suit Hacks that Every Man Should Know

10 Suit Hacks that Every Man Should Know

The right suit can make a world of difference in both your appearance and confidence. Furthermore, studies have shown that men who dress nice at work are more likely to get promoted. While choosing the right suit can help you accomplish these goals, you can enhance your appearance by using these "suit hacks."

#1) Check Your Necktie Length

One of the most common fashion mistakes that guys make when wearing a suit is choosing a necktie that's either too long or too short. If it's not proportionally sized, it will have a negative impact on your appearance. So, how do you know if your necktie is the right size? A good rule of thumb is to choose a necktie that extends to the top of your belt. It shouldn't be longer, nor should it be shorter.

#2) Eliminate Static Cling with a Dryer Sheet

The next time your suit is charged with static electricity, grab a dryer sheet and rub it across the surface. This is quick and easy way to eliminate static cling. Alternative, you can use a crumbled up piece of aluminum foil. Either of these items are effective as neutralizing static cling in a bind.

#3) Choose a Necktie that's Darker than Your Shirt

Another hack to follow when wearing a suit is to choose a necktie that's slightly darker than your shirt. The general idea behind this hack is to make your necktie stand out. If it's lighter than your shirt, all attention will be focused on your shirt instead of the necktie. To prevent this from happening, choose a necktie that's darker than your shirt. Even if it's just a shade darker, the nuance in color will make your necktie pop with greater visual appeal.

#4) Keep a Lint Roller on Hand

This hack isn't limited strictly to suits; you can use it for all forms of attire. However, suits are known for attracting lint and hair, more so than other garments. When this occurs, it can turn an otherwise perfect suit into a messy, dirty outfit. As long as you have a lint roller on hand, though, you can remove hair, lint, dirt and debris in just seconds. Using the lint roller, roll it across the surface of your suit to clean it. The sticky surface will attract and hold any debris it comes into contact with, leaving your suit clean afterwards.

#5) Charcoal is a Safe Suit Color

Can't seem to choose a suit color? Some men feel that black is too formal, yet other colors are simply too casual. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, consider investing in a charcoal-colored suit. Charcoal offers the perfect balance between formal and casual. As such, you can wear a charcoal-colored suit for nearly all occasions. wedding-1976546_960_720

#6) Always Leave Bottom Button Unfastened

Whether your suit jacket has two, three or even four buttons, you should always the bottom button unfastened. Fastening the bottom button places additional stress on the lower part of the jacket. So in addition to looking awkward, it can actually damage the fabric, especially when you sit. As long as you leave it unfastened, however, you can prevent this from happening. Just remember to always leave the bottom button of your suit jacket or coat unfastened.

#7) Avoid Off-the-Rack Suits

When choosing a suit, it's best to stay away from off-the-rack suits. As the name suggests, these suits are sold "as is" by retailers. They are made using standard sizes without any customization. The problem with off-the-rack suits, however, is that no two men have the exact same body size and shape. If you want a suit that fits just right, you should avoid off-the-rack suits and instead choose a custom sized suit like the ones offered here at StudioSuits. You can specify your body measurements when ordering, and we'll use those measurements to customize your suit so it fits perfectly.

#8) When Wearing Pinstripes, Go Thin

Pinstripes are a popular design for men's suits. They are characterized by long and narrow lines of varying colors. With that said, some pinstripe suits feature excessive large and thick lines, which should be avoided. So, what's the problem with large pinstripes? Well, it looks tacky and awkward. You can still wear suits with pinstripes, but stay away from large stripes and choose thin ones instead. Of course, pinstripes are only one pattern from which to choose. Plaid is another great pattern choice for a men's suit. And plaid can be either small or big, so don't worry about oversized plaid patterns hurting your appearance.

#9) Use a Hairdryer to Remove Minor Wrinkles

You don't have to be a professional stylist to know that wrinkles on a suit look bad. But what if you don't have time to drop off your suit at the local dry cleaners? If you're in a pinch and need to de-wrinkle your suit ASAP, try running a hairdryer over the surface of the fabric. The heat from the hairdryer will smooth out minor wrinkles and creases. Assuming the wrinkles are small, it should do the job. For larger wrinkles, though, you'll probably need a different solutions, such as dry cleaning or a hot steam iron. Just remember to check your suit's care label before exposing it to a hot steam iron.

#10) Match Socks with Trousers

We've talked about this before on our blog, but it's worth mentioning again that you should match your socks with your trousers. In other words, it's best to wear the same colored socks as your suit trousers. If your trousers are black, stick with black socks. If they are brown, stick with brown socks. This allows the two garments to seemingly blend together, concealing your socks so they are less visible. Following these hacks are guaranteed to help you look your best when wearing a suit. For more suit tips and tricks, check out some of our previous blog posts here at StudioSuits.