10 Reasons to Choose Chino Pants

10 Reasons to Choose Chino Pants

When shopping for a new pair of pants, look no further than chino pants. Characterized by the use of chino cloth -- a type of cotton twill fabric -- they've become increasingly popular in recent years. Being that there are dozens of other stylish pants on the market, though, you might be wondering why you should choose chino pants.

#1) Soft and Comfortable

Chino pants are undoubtedly soft and comfortable. As previously mentioned, they are made of chino cloth, which is comprised of cotton. Chino pants won't irritate your skin, nor will they cause other forms of discomfort. They are soft and gentle on your skin, allowing for a superior level of comfort. Many men prefer chino pants over other types of pants and trousers for this reason alone. Of course, the soft and comfortable construction of chino pants is just one of many benefits they offer.

#2) Versatility

You'll have the freedom to wear chino pants in a variety of outfits. They are one of the most versatile styles of men's pants available. You can wear chino pants in both casual and formal outfits. If you're creating a casual outfit, you can wear chino pants with a standard t-shirt. For a formal outfit, on the other hand, you can wear chino pants with a button-up dress shirt. Chino pants, in fact, can even be worn with a suit jacket or blazer.

#3) Durability

Don't let their softness fool you into thinking chino pants are structurally weak. They are actually stronger than most other types of men's pants. Chino cloth is a durable fabric that's able to withstand the hands of time. With a pair of high-quality chino pants, you won't have to worry about them ripping or otherwise sustaining damage. They'll offer countless years of use when properly maintained.

#4) Protection From Shrinkage

Assuming you choose the right type, your chino pants won't succumb to shrinkage. There are washed chino pants that, like all other washed garments, are submerged in water during production. The chino cloth is literally washed so that it shrinks. By shrinking the chino cloth beforehand, it won't shrink when washed and dried in the future. Therefore, washed chino pants don't suffer from shrinkage. They'll maintain their original size long after you buy and wear them.

#5) Protection From Fading

Washed chino pants aren't just protected from shrinkage; they are protected from fading as well. Fading usually occurs when you wash and dry a garment. Whether it's a shirt or pair of pants, washing will release some of the garment's dye so that it fades to a lighter tone. With that said, washed chino pants are already washed during production. Therefore, they don't suffer from fading like other, non-washed garments. You can wash and dry them countless times without fear of them fading to a lighter tone.

#6) Premium Construction

Chino pants offer a premium construction. They are designed with high-quality chino cloth that feels and looks better than other, lower-quality types of material. With their premium construction, chino pants offer excellent value. You can wear them for multiple years without fear of them degrading. This is just one more reason to consider buying a pair of chino pants.

Here are some tips on how to find a pair of premium chino pants:

  • Make sure they are made of 100% chino cloth.
  • Stick with a reputable and trusted brand.
  • Avoid buying used or secondhand chino pants.
  • Inspect the fasteners, such as buttons and zippers, to ensure they are made of high-quality materials.
  • Choose chino pants made of washed chino cloth rather than dry chino cloth.

#7) Endless Color Options

You can find chino pants in an endless array of colors. You don't have to limit yourself to choosing chino pants in a basic color like brown or black. You can find them in dozens of other colors. There are red chino pants, for instance, that feature a bright and bold design. There are also green chino pants, such as olive green, that offer a gentler design. Regardless, chino pants are available in an endless array of colors. You can even choose multiple pairs of chino pants in different colors, thereby allowing you to mix-and-match with your various outfits.

#8) Custom Sizing

Another reason to choose chino pants is custom sizing. While some stores sell chino pants exclusively in generic sizes, this doesn't apply to all stores. At StudioSuits, you can buy chino pants in custom sizes. When you order a pair of chino pants, you can provide us with your body measurements. Rather than choosing a generic size, for instance, you can specify the exact size of your waist and legs. With these precise measurements, we'll create a custom-sized pair of chino pants that fit perfectly. Other stores may only offer chino pants in a generic size, which may or may not fit. You can avoid this headache by ordering a pair of custom-sized chino pants here at StudioSuits.

#9) Classic Style

Chino pants offer a classic style. In other words, they don't feature a time-limited style that's popular one year and gone the next year. Fashion styles often change. Even if a garment is currently popular and "trending," it may not last forever. The garment may fall from popularity, in which case you'll have to stop wearing it. Chino pants don't suffer from this problem. They've been around for many decades, and during that time, chino pants have become recognized as a popular and classic style of men's pants.

#10) Warmth

Not all pants are suitable for the cold winter months. Some pants and trousers offer little or no protection against the cold weather, making them a poor choice for the winter season. This isn't an issue with chino pants, however. They offer excellent protection against the cold weather. Chino pants are warmer than most other pants and trousers. They'll insulate your body so that you are warm and comfortable all winter long.