10 Quick Summer Grooming Tips for Men

10 Quick Summer Grooming Tips for Men

#1) Sun Protection

With summer right around the corner, many men will be heading outdoors to enjoy some much-needed fun in the sun. Whether you're going to the park, beach or just hanging out with friends in your backyard, however, you should apply a high-SPF sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from damage. While sunlight provides an excellent source of vitamin D, prolonged exposure can cause burns, irritation, and early aging -- while also increasing the risk of skin cancer. To prevent problems such as these, wear a high-SPF sunscreen lotion when staying outdoors for longer than half an hour.

#2) Moisturize Daily

In addition to wearing high-SPF sunscreen lotion, you should also moisturize your skin. Our skin is like a sponge, constantly absorbing or releasing moisture vapor from the air. When the air is dry (low humidity), your skin releases moisture as the environment attempts to balance itself. Unfortunately, this often results in dry skin and associated problems like itching, redness and drying. Applying a natural moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin once daily, however, prevents dryness while promoting healthy, radiant skin.

#3) Clean Your Shoes

When was the last time that you cleaned your shoes? There's no better time than the present to give your kicks a little TLC. Using a damp washcloth and small amount of color-safe laundry detergent, gently rub the surface of your kicks, removing any dirt or debris that's caked on. Spending just a few minutes cleaning your shoes will make a world of difference in their appearance.

#4) Visit the Barber... Regularly

Every man has been guilty of this before: not getting his hair cut and professionally styled on a regular basis. Maybe you're busy doing other things, so you place the barber on the back burner. But two months later and you still haven't returned to the barber, resulting in a messy, unkempt hair that does your appearance no justice. Regular barber visits are an essential component of a man's grooming routine, especially during the summer. When your hair gets too long, it will hold sweat while making you hotter and more uncomfortable. So, how often should you visit the barber? It really depends on your preferred hair style and the speed at which your hair grows. However, most experts recommend visiting the barber for trimming and styling at least once every 3 to 4 months. If you have trouble remembering dates, set a reminder to go off once a month on your smartphone.

#5) Exfoliate

Don't forget to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, as well. Exfoliation is necessary to remove dirt, oil and debris that clog the pores. Even if your skin looks clean, chances are it's harboring countless impurities embedded deep within the pores. Failure to clean and remove these impurities will likely result in acne blemishes -- and that's something most men want to avoid. So, use a gentle exfoliating agent to deep clean your pores. It's important not to exfoliate too much, however, as this can backfire by causing additional irritation. Instead, limit your exfoliating routine to no more than once every other week for maximum benefit. razor-1708642_960_720

#6) Shave with a Straight Razor

Sure, safety razors are cheap and readily available at most grocery stores and home goods stores, but there's just something special about a traditional straight razor. Straight razors don't shave as close to the skin as their safety razor counterpart. While some people may assume this is a bad thing, it's actually good, and here's why: shaving too closely increases the risk of unsightly razor bumps. Hair follicles are cut too short, resulting in the follicle growing into and under the skin. When this occurs, razor bumps form. Shaving with a straight razor, however, reduces the risk of razor bumps by shaving less hair.

#7) Trim Your Nails

Another all-too-important task in a man's grooming routine is nail clipping. You can spend an hour styling your hair and choosing the right clothes, but it's all for nothing if you have outgrown nails. So, make sure you trim your nails on a regular basis, keeping them short and clean. You can also use a nail file to make your nails smoother.

#8) Remove Stray Hairs

Every man has them: stray hairs. As we age, stray hairs seem to pop up in the weirdest locations, including the neck, ears and cheeks. While one or two stray hairs isn't much of a concern, the problem can quickly snowball if left unaddressed. Using a pair of grooming scissors and a mirror, identify and remove any stray hairs you come across. Of course, this isn't a one-time task. Any stray hair you cut will likely grow back in the following weeks and months; therefore, you'll need to make this a regular part of your grooming routine.

#9) Go Easy on the Hair Product

Whether it's gel, pomade, mousse, etc., hair product is an excellent tool to help you achieve your desired hairstyle. However, this is one case in which the phrase "less is more" holds true. Far too many men make the mistake of smothering huge amounts of product into their hair, creating an awkward mess. A better approach is to use only the amount of product that's needed to achieve your desired style. In addition to improving your appearance, this can save you big bucks over the course of a year.

#10) Treat Shaving Cuts

Whether you use a straight razor or safety razor, cuts are bound to happen when shaving -- it's just something that comes with the territory. The good news is that you can help them heal more quickly while reducing pain and irritating in the process by using styptic powder. Styptic powder is designed to constrict blood vessels to minimize bleeding. It's not a cure-all for shaving cuts, but it will certainly help when applied immediately or shortly after a cut occurs. These are just a few quick grooming tips to improve your look this summer.