10 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing a Necktie With a Suit

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing a Necktie With a Suit

A necktie is an essential accessory to wear with a suit. Consisting of a long and slender piece of fabric that's worn around the neck, it adds color and patterns to your outfit to create a more formal and stylish appearance. Unfortunately, many men are guilty of making the 10 following mistakes when wearing a necktie with a suit. By avoiding these mistakes, you'll achieve a more attractive and defined style that complements your suit.

#1) Wearing a Clip-On Necktie

While learning how to tie a necktie takes practice, as well as time, you shouldn't try to take the easy route by wearing a clip-on necktie with your suit. Clip-on neckties lack the attractive qualities of traditional neckties. Granted, they are easier to take on and take off, but wearing a clip-on necktie will only hinder your ability to create an attractive suit outfit.

#2) Overlooking the Width

Don't forget to consider the width when choosing a necktie. If a necktie is too thin, it may look awkward and out of place in your outfit. But if a necktie is too wide, it will make you look shorter. Therefore, you should choose a necktie in an appropriate width that's not too wide but not too thin either. You'll generally find that narrow, thin neckties are sold as "skinny" neckties. If you prefer the slimming effect of this style, choose a skinny necktie to wear with your suit.

#3) Choosing the Same Color as Your Dress Shirt

Neckties are available in countless colors, ranging from traditional colors like black and white to less-traditional colors like lavender, sky blue and tangerine. You can even find neckties in two or more colors. Regardless, though, you shouldn't wear a necktie in the same color as your dress shirt. Your necktie can feature the same color as your suit jacket and trousers, but it shouldn't be the same color as your dress shirt. If your dress shirt and necktie feature the exact same color (or colors), it won't stand out. Instead, your necktie will blend into your dress shirt, which isn't particularly attractive or flattering.

#4) Wearing a Wrinkled Necktie

Try to get into the habit of ironing or pressing your necktie each time you wear it. Neckties, like other garments and accessories made of fabric, are prone to wrinkling. While a few wrinkles won't affect the strength or performance of your necktie, they will lower its aesthetic value. For an attractive outfit, never wear a wrinkled necktie. You can protect your necktie from wrinkling by ironing or pressing it each time you wear it.

#5) Assuming Silk Neckties Are the Right Choice

What's wrong with silk neckties? Well, they are certainly attractive, but they are also more vulnerable to damage than neckties made of other fabrics. Silk is a fine, delicate fabric that's difficult to care for. You can't just toss it in your washing machine. To preserve and protect it from damage, you must dry clean your silk necktie. Unless you're willing to dry clean your silk necktie each time you wear it, you should choose a necktie made of a different fabric. tie-watch-cufflinks314

#6) Necktie Is Too Long

Another common mistake to avoid is wearing a necktie that's too long. You can usually adjust the length of your necktie, but you should avoid making it too long. If your necktie extends past your belt, it's generally considered too long. Instead, adjust your necktie so that it stops right at your belt. Once you've achieved this length, you'll create a cleaner-looking outfit that enhances your suit's appearance.

#7) Necktie Is Too Short

Of course, wearing a necktie that's too short should also be avoided. If your necktie is too short -- meaning it stops one or more inches above your belt -- it will awkward when worn. As previously mentioned, the ideal length for a necktie is right at your belt. If your necktie doesn't reach your belt, adjust it accordingly.

#8) Not Wearing a Tie Bar

For a truly formal outfit, consider wearing a tie bar with your necktie. What is a tie bar exactly? In case you've never heard of this accessory before, let explain: A tie bar is a metal clip that's worn around the mid to lower section of a necktie. It clips through the opening of your dress shirt, essentially holding your necktie to your shirt. Without a tie bar, your necktie will flap around whenever your bend over. While this isn't a huge concern, it will still have a negative impact on your appearance. You can avoid this fashion faux pas, however, by securing your necktie to your dress shirt with a tie bar.

#9) Using a Messy Knot

Some men are guilty of using messy, unkempt knots to secure their necktie in place. A messy knot may still hold your necktie, but it won't add any aesthetic value to your suit or overall appearance. The problem is that many men don't know how to tie their necktie in a clean, uniform knot. The secret to creating a clean knot is to use a simple a technique, such as the Windsor knot. Alternatively, you can try the four-in-hand knot, which is also relatively easy to create. If you're still struggling to create a clean knot when tying your necktie, check out this YouTube video. It demonstrates how to create a Windsor knot using a necktie.

#10) Wearing a Dirty or Stained Necktie

Don't make the mistake of wearing a dirty or stained necktie with your suit. Neckties can develop stains just like any other garment or accessory. Because neckties are worn in such a highly visible area of the body (your chest), stains can have a disastrous impact on your efforts to create an attractive outfit. For information on how to clean stains from your necktie, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Your necktie should have a tag or label hidden on it with steps on how to clean and maintain it. To prolong the life of your necktie, always follow these instructions when cleaning your necktie.