10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Men's Dress Shirt

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Men's Dress Shirt

The dress shirt is an important component of a formal wear for men. Whether you're attending a business meeting, job interview, wedding, graduation or any other formal event, you'll need to wear the right outfit. This usually consists of a suit, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. With that said, you should avoid making the following mistakes when choosing a dress shirt.

#1)  It's Too Big in the Sides

Choosing a men's dress shirt requires more than just selecting "small," "medium" or "large." You must consider the chest measurements to ensure a proper fit. One all-too-common mistake men make is selecting a dress shirt that's too big in the sides. Even if you wear a belt or suspenders, you won't be able to conceal all of the fabric. Granted, you can usually take the shirt to a professional tailor for adjusting, but it's best to choose the right size shirt in the first place.

#2) Poor Choice of Fabric

When choosing a dress shirt, check to see what fabric or fabrics it's made of. Cotton is probably the most common fabric in which men's dress shirts are made, but this doesn't necessarily mean it's the only fabric. Some dress shirts are made of synthetic fabrics like polyester and polyester blends. While not as soft as their cotton counterpart, these synthetic fabrics offer other benefits like wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking properties.

#3) Overlooking the Collar

Pay attention to the collar when choosing a dress shirt. There are two primary collar styles for dress shirts: point and spread. Found in approximately 90% of all men's dress shirts, point collars are the most common style. They live up to their namesake by featuring a sharp point with a collar angle of less than 60 degrees. Style experts say the point collar draws attention to the face, making it an excellent way to enhance your appearance. The other type collar, spread collars, is characterized with a larger angle of 90 or more degrees. They are recommended for big and tall men, as the larger angle balances the wearer's image.

#4) Choosing Price Over Quality

There's nothing wrong with trying to get a good deal on a dress shirt. However, you shouldn't sacrifice quality for a low price. The quality of a dress shirt is far more important than its price. Sure, you can probably save a couple bucks by purchasing a cheap, low-quality dress shirt, but this means you'll have to replace it sooner as well. Once the dress shirt degrades to the point where you can no longer wear it, you'll have to spend more money buying a new one. This is why it's a smart investment to spend the extra money on a premium, high-quality dress shirt. Even if costs more, you'll get more use out of it; thus, making it a smart long-term investment for fashion-conscious men. man-3108312_960_720

#5) Choosing the Wrong Color

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a dress shirt is the color. The color of your dress shirt will affect the way in which it can be worn. If you choose a bright pink dress shirt, for instance, you'll have a hard time finding a matching suit. This is why it's a good idea to stick with traditional color like white or blue. Either of these classic colors are easy to match and look great on all men.

#6) Assuming All Dress Shirts Fit the Same

Don't assume that all dress shirts fit the same. Normally, men's dress shirts have a few measurements, including the collar and chest (and sometimes the sleeve and waist). Even if two dress shirts have the same size, though, they could fit differently. The only way you'll know how a dress shirt fits is by trying it on. So, take a few minutes to try on a dress shirt before buying it. If it doesn't fit, move on to a different size until you find the right one.

#7) Overlooking Buttons

Pay attention to the buttons when choosing a dress shirt. If the buttons are made of cheap plastic, they may break after a short period of time. On the other hand, pearl buttons are stronger, more durable and even more stylish. Of course, dress shirts featuring pearl buttons cost more than those with plastic buttons, but it's a smart investment if you want to enhance your appearance.

#8) Choosing a Bold Pattern

What's wrong with choosing a dress shirt with a bold pattern? If your dress shirt features a bold pattern like polka-dots, you'll probably struggle to create a formal outfit. Opting for a simple pattern -- or no pattern at all -- allows for a more traditional appearance.

#9) Neglecting to Inspect the Seams

You tell a lot about the quality of a dress shirt by inspecting the seams. Unfortunately, this is something that many men overlook when shopping for a new dress shirt. Before buying a new dress shirt, check the seams to see if the stitching is frayed, torn or otherwise damaged. A high-quality dress shirt should feature concealed seams where the two parts of the fabric are blended together. If it's poorly made, you'll probably notice flaws in the seams.

#10) Not Taking Into Account Your Suit

If you plan on wearing a traditional suit with your dress shirt, you must consider its colors, patters and whether or not it will match. This doesn't mean your dress shirt should feature the exact same color as your suit. On the contrary, if your dress shirt is black and your suit is black, the two items will blend together to create the appearance of a one-piece jumpsuit. Instead, your dress shirt should feature a color and style that matches your suit. A good rule of thumb is to stick with a dress shirt that's lighter than your suit. If you're struggling to find a combination, you really can't go wrong with a white dress shirt and black suit. These are just a few of the top mistakes men make when choosing a dress shirt.