10 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Dress Shirt From Wrinkling

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Dress Shirt From Wrinkling

You can't create an attractive formal outfit without a dress shirt. Even when wearing a two- or three-piece suit, you'll still need to wear a dress shirt. Unfortunately, though, it's not uncommon for dress shirts to wrinkle when worn. Your dress shirt may have a smooth, wrinkle-free surface when you first get dressed. But over time, it may develop unsightly creases and wrinkles. Thankfully, you can prevent your dress shirt from wrinkling by following these 10 tips.

#1) Wear an Undershirt

Did you know that wearing an undershirt can prevent your dress shirt from wrinkling? Some men believe undershirts aren't necessary because no one can see them. While it's true that most people won't be able to see your undershirt, you should still consider wearing one. With an undershirt, you'll have a barrier between your body and the dress shirt, which helps to minimize the risk of wrinkling.

#2) Rub With a Dryer Sheet

When getting dressed, rub a dryer sheet across the surface of your dress shirt. In addition to creating a fragrant aroma, this will protect your dress shirt from wrinkles. Dryer sheets contain chemicals that neutralize static electricity -- something that could otherwise lead to wrinkles. You don't have to use any special type of dryer sheets. Rather, standard store-bought dryer sheets will suffice. Just take a dryer sheet and gently rub it across the surface of your dress shirt. When finished, you can then put on the dress shirt without fear of static electricity causing wrinkles.

#3) Tuck Your Dress Shirt Into Your Trousers

Tucking your dress shirt into your trousers can also protect it from wrinkles. If your dress shirt is untucked, it will dangle freely. Over the course of a day, all this movement can create permanent creases and wrinkles. Of course, you should always tuck your dress shirt into your trousers if you're trying to create a formal outfit. Wearing a dress shirt untucked looks too casual and, therefore, isn't appropriate for formal events and occasions.

#4) Use Anti-Wrinkle Spray

You might be surprised to learn that there are products available to protect garments from wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle spray, for example, is a liquid-based product that you spray onto the surface of your clothes to protect them from wrinkles. It's a simple and easy way to keep your dress shirt smooth and wrinkle-free. And with its small size, you can usually carry a bottle of anti-wrinkle spray in your pockets. If you're ever away from home and discover an unsightly wrinkle -- or several wrinkles -- on your dress shirt, just spray it with a light mist of anti-wrinkle spray.

#5) Choose an Organic Fabric

The fabric from which your dress shirt is made will affect its susceptibility to wrinkles. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are generally more likely to develop wrinkles than organic fabrics like cotton or linen. By choosing a dress shirt made of an organic fabric, such as the Pure Linen Shirt sold here at StudioSuits, you can avoid wrinkles while creating a more attractive outfit in the process. dress-shirt-2

#6) Don't Leave It Sitting in Washing Machine or Dryer

Don't make the mistake of leaving your dress shirt sitting in the washing machine or dryer. When the buzzer on your washing machine goes off, immediately remove your dress shirt and transfer it to the dryer. And after it has finished drying, take your dress out. If you leave it sitting in either the washing machine or dryer, it may develop wrinkles.

#7) Store on a Clothes Hanger

You should also get into the habit of storing your dress shirt on a clothes hanger. Don't just place your dress in a dresser or chest of drawers. Instead, hang it on a heavy-duty and durable clothes hanger, preferably a hanger made of all wood. Doing so will retain the natural shape of your dress shirt without creating creases or otherwise contributing to wrinkles.

#8) Get the Right Size

Perhaps the most important tip to prevent wrinkles is to choose a dress shirt in the right size. If your dress shirt is too big, the excess fabric may create wrinkles when you wear it. Granted, this typically isn't a problem with small, undersized dress shirts. Nonetheless, you should choose a dress shirt in the right size. As long as it's an appropriate size for your body, it shouldn't be susceptible to wrinkles, especially if you follow the other tips listed in this blog post. Along with size, here are some other things to consider when choosing a dress shirt:
  • The color (or colors)
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve
  • Style and material of buttons
  • The brand
  • Pattern or design
  • Pockets or no pockets on the front
  • Fabric

#9) Roll, Don't Fold, When Packing Dress Shirts in Luggage

If you're planning to travel with a dress shirt, roll it up before placing it in your luggage. Most people simply fold their dress shirts, and while there's nothing necessarily wrong with folding your dress shirts, they are less likely to wrinkle if you roll them up. This is because rolled-up dress shirts don't have any creases. Rather, they feature a cylindrical shape that's naturally protected against creases and wrinkles.

#10) Use a Steam Iron

When all else fails, use a steam iron to press your dress shirt and eliminate wrinkles. Steam irons live up to their namesake by using steam to smooth out wrinkles. They feature a water-filled compartment that, when activated, creates steam to smooth out wrinkles. While you should check the care tag on your dress shirt, you'll probably discover that it's safe to iron. With the exception of synthetic fabrics, most fabrics in which dress shirts are made can be safely ironed. Just place your dress shirt on an ironing board, at which point you can smooth out any wrinkles with a steam iron.