10 Things You Should Know About Suit Trousers

10 Things You Should Know About Suit Trousers

Trousers are an important component of a suit. A two-piece suit, for example, consists of trousers and a jacket. In a three-piece suit, you have trousers, a jacket and a waistcoat. Whether you're purchasing a suit or a pair of separate trousers, though, there are a few things you should know about this otherwise classic formal garment. In this blog post, we're going to reveal 10 things you need to know about suit trousers.

#1) They Are Made in the Same Material as the Jacket

Although there are exceptions, trousers are typically made in the same material as the jacket. If you're purchasing a suit with a wool jacket, for example, the trousers will probably be wool as well. On the other hand, if you're purchasing a suit with a linen jacket, the trousers will likely be linen.

#2) They Either Feature a Pleated or Flat Front

Suit trousers feature either a pleated or flat front. Pleated trousers are characterized by creases on the front in which the fabric has been folded over and sewn in place. In comparison, flat-front trousers don't have these creases. They may have darts that promote increased comfort and aesthetics when worn, but they don't have the same characteristic creases on the front as pleated trousers.

#3) They Should Match the Jacket

When wearing a suit, it's important that your trousers match your jacket. If you're wearing a black suit jacket, you should wear black trousers to create a matching, cohesive style. Of course, this shouldn't be a problem if you purchase a two- or three-piece suit, as they are typically sold with a matching jacket and trousers. But if you're buying your suit trousers separately from your jacket, you'll need to choose these two garments in the same color. Otherwise, you may struggle to create an attractive style with your suit.

#4) They Should Be Stored on a Clothes Hanger

Why should you store your suit trousers on a clothes hanger? While most men simply fold their trousers and place them on a shelf in their closet, hanging them on a hanger protects them from wrinkles. When folded, suit trousers are more likely to develop wrinkles -- typically in the places where the fabric is folded. Hanging your trousers on a clothes hanger, however, only creates a single place where the fabric folds. Therefore, it's less likely to cause wrinkles. To protect your suit trousers from wrinkles, always store them on a clothes hanger when you aren't wearing them.

#5) They Can Make You Look Slimmer

You might be surprised to learn that wearing the right suit trousers can make you look slimmer. They won't magically eliminate those unwanted pounds around your midsection, but they can create the perception of a slimmer, thinner figure. A pair of high-quality suit trousers with a narrow leg, for instance, will have a naturally slimming effect when worn. The key thing to remember is that your trousers must have a narrow leg opening to take advantage of this visual benefit. If they have wide, open legs, your trousers will have the opposite effect by making you appear larger.


#6) They Are Available in Custom Sizes

Suit trousers are available in custom sizes, meaning you don't have to choose trousers in standard measurements at a local retail store. Here at StudioSuits, you can specify your own body measurements. You give us your measurements, and we'll use those measurements to create a pair of custom trousers designed specifically for you. By ordering a pair of custom-sized trousers, you don't have to worry about getting the wrong size. They'll fit your body perfectly, allowing you to create a picture-perfect suit outfit.

#7) They Are Worn With Either Suspenders or a Belt

Suit trousers are typically worn with either suspenders or a belt. Also known as bracers, suspenders feature two elastic bands that attach to the front and rear top of your trousers. They are worn over your shoulders so that your shoulders support the trousers and prevent them from falling down. As you probably know already, a belt is worn horizontally around the top of your trousers through the trousers' belt loop holes.

#8) Some Trousers Are Warmer Than Others

You may discover that some suit trousers are warmer than others, making them ideal for the cold winter months. Wool trousers, for instance, are thicker and heavier than cotton and linen trousers. Many men prefer wool trousers during winter for this reason alone. When summer rolls around, though, you should consider choosing trousers in a thicker, lighter fabric, such as cotton or wool. But keep in mind that your suit trousers should feature the same fabric as your jacket.

#9) They Are Sold With the Pockets Sewn Shut

After buying a new pair of suit trousers, many men are shocked to discover that the pockets are sewn shut. Upon finding that your suit trousers have their pockets sewn shut, you may assume that this is a manufacturing defect or overlook. In reality, though, manufacturers are sew the pockets of their trousers shut on purpose. The reason for this is to preserve the trousers' shape. When the pockets are open, there's more loose fabric present -- and this loose fabric may cause wrinkles to form or the shape of the trousers to change. A simple way to preserve the shape and integrity of new trousers is to sew the pockets shut.

#10) They Should Be Maintained According to the Manufacturer's Instructions

Finally, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean and maintain your suit trousers. Different manufacturers design their suit trousers in different ways. As a result, the exact steps to cleaning and maintaining a pair of trousers varies depending on who manufactured it. If you're unsure how to clean and maintain your suit trousers, look for the care label. This label is usually found inside the waistband, and it reveals everything you need to know about cleaning and maintaining the trousers. By following the manufacturer's instructions, your trousers will last longer and provide you with greater utility.