Suit Tips for Skinny Guys

Suit Tips for Skinny Guys

Being the industry-leading provider of men's custom suits and accessories, we wrote an in-depth blog post earlier this month covering suit tips for Big and Tall men. This post not only reveals how to find the perfect Big and Tall suit, but also how to wear it. Something that we've yet to discuss, however, is suit tips for skinny guys -- that is until now. Today, we're going to tackle this subject, answering all of your burning questions regarding suits and suit etiquette for skinny guys. While you may already know some of these tips, chances are others will surprise you. So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about suits for skinny guys.

Watch the Bottom of Your Trousers

Why should you watch the bottom of your suit trousers? Well, for starters you don't want them dragging on the ground or otherwise being too long. This is a problem that's particularly common among skinny guys who wear suits. Even if you're able to find a suit with trousers that fit your waist just right, perhaps they'll be too long, in which case the bottom will either drag on the ground or feature excess material, both of which are poor fashion etiquette. So once you've found a suit that you like, go ahead and put it on and then look at yourself in the mirror. Does the bottom of your trousers look puffy and big? If so, you'll need to have them tailored or choose a different pair of trousers? While trousers are just one element in a suit, they have a major influence over its overall appearance. This is why you should only wear trousers that are properly fitted for your body shape and size.

Check the Shoulders

In addition to the trouser bottoms, you should also check the shoulders when shopping for a new suit. One of the biggest fashion faus paus with suits is wearing one in which the shoulders are too large. You can always tell if a suit jacket or coat is too big by looking at the shoulders. Normally, the shoulders should rest flat against the body, without any bunching or visible excess fabric. If the jacket or coat is too big, however, the shoulders will bunch up. This, of course, isn't exactly a flattering look, nor does it compliment the appearance of a suit. To avoid this problem, you should always check the shoulders when choosing a new suit.

Go Vertical with the Pattern

As you may already know, men's suits are available in countless different styles, including both single colors and various designs. Some men prefer traditional solid/single colors, while others prefer a patterned look. If you're a skinny guy who prefers the latter, it's best to stick with a vertical pattern. Vertical patterns, such as vertical stripes, naturally compliment skinny guys, enhancing their appearance. On the other hand, horizontal patterns have the opposite effect by drawing attention to the sides and making the wearer look shorter than what he is really is. The bottom line is that you should stick with vertical patterns or solid colors with your suit. 11423194446_80eafd7031_z

The Lapels

Don't underestimate the impact that lapels have on your suit's appearance. The lapels should be proportionate to the width of your torso. In the case of skinny guys, suit lapels should be slightly slimmer and skinnier.

How to Find the Perfect Sized Suit

Now that you know the importance of wearing the perfect sized suit for skinny guys, you might be wondering where exactly to find them. Well, you can always roll the dice and hope you find a suit that fits just right by shopping at traditional retail and department stores, there's an easier and more effective solution: order your suit here at StudioSuits. Rather than selling off-the-rack suits, we sell custom-sized suits according to the customer's measurements. Once you've found the perfect suit, add it to your shopping cart and specify your body measurements. We'll then take these measurements and adjust the suit accordingly. So once the suit arrives at your doorstep, it will fit just right. There's no need to take your suit to a professional tailor, because we do all the adjusting beforehand. Just remember to specify your size when ordering.

Don't Forget the Necktie

If there's one accessory that you don't want to leave home without, it's the necktie. We've talked about this before on our blog, but a necktie is almost essential when wearing a men's suit. It brings a new visual element while helping to balance the designs of a suit. With that said, a necktie is even more important for skinny guys, as it compliments the appearance of a suit. The key thing to remember when choosing a necktie is to make sure it contours to your body shape and size, which in this case is skinny. Neckties are available in dozens of different styles, although the best style for skinny guys is, not surprisingly, skinny. A skinny necktie is typically longer and slimmer than standard and Big and Tall neckties, making it the preferred choice.

Shoes Matter

Your choice of shoes can and will affect the appearance of your suit, even more so if you are skinny. When choosing shoes, a good rule of thumb is to stick with the same color as your belt and necktie. If you are wearing a black necktie and belt, for instance, a similar black-colored pair of shoes will suffice. To recap, there's no single best type or style of men's suit. Depending on your body, perhaps one style will look better than another. Skinny guys, for instance, should stick with slimmer, more narrow suits to compliment their body. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea on how to find the perfect skinny suit. If you need help and can't seem to find the perfect skinny suit, try searching through our store here at StudioSuits. We'll connect you to the perfect suit, without having to worry about whether or not it fits.