Pros and Cons of Wearing Suit Separates: What You Should Know

A two-piece suit is defined as formal jacket or coat with matching trousers. This otherwise simple outfit has become synonymous with men’s formal wear. In recent years, however, some men have taken a different approach by wearing suit separates. The term “suit separates” refers to a formal outfit consisting of a formal jacket or coat with trousers in a different color. It’s just like a traditional two-piece suit, with the only difference being that the jacket or coat doesn’t match the trousers with suit separates. So, are suit separates right for you, or should you stick with a matching two-piece suit?

Pro: Suit Separates Offer Greater Freedom When Putting Together Your Outfit

Wearing suit separates will allow you to choose from a variety of different colors and styles. Even if you intend to a black suit jacket, for example, you can still wear charcoal gray or navy trousers. In comparison, matching suits restrict you to a single color. You may find a traditional, matching two-piece suit in your desired color, but even then you won’t be able to create a dynamic outfit consisting of multiple colors.

Con: Suit Separates Are Less Formal Than Matching Suits

On the other hand, suit separates are less formal than matching suits. This isn’t necessarily a problem. Unless you’re planning to attend a highly formal event, such as a black-tie party, you probably wear suit separates. For strict formal events and occasions, though, you may want to wear a matching a suit instead. The combination of multiple colors reduces the formality of suit separates. Suit separates are still considered formal wear, but they are less formal than matching suits.

Pro: Suit Separates Are Easy to Shop For

You shouldn’t have trouble finding suit separates for sale. Whether you shop online or in store, you can purchase your suit jacket and trousers separately. When you find a suit jacket that you like, go ahead and buy it, after which you can begin searching for a pair of trousers. As a result, many budget-conscious men prefer suit separates over matching suits. It allows them to purchase individual garments, such as a jacket or trousers, separately and without investing in an entirely new suit.

Con: Suit Separates May Have Quality Nuances Between Jacket and Trousers

If you purchase suit separates, you may discover that the quality of your jacket differs from the quality of your trousers. This is especially true if your suit jacket and trousers are made by different brands. One brand may use superior materials and craftsmanship to create a high-quality garment, while the other brand uses subpar materials and craftsmanship that results in a low-quality garment. When you purchase a traditional two-piece suit, the quality of the jacket and trousers will be equal. Because jackets and trousers of suit separates are often made by different brands, though, quality nuances may occur between these garments.


Pro: Suit Separates Allow You to Mix and Match

Perhaps the greatest benefit of wearing suit separates is that it allows you to mix and match different jackets and trousers. With a traditional, matching suit, this isn’t an option. Rather, you are restricted to wearing the same jacket with the same trousers. But suit separates allow you to wear any suit jacket with any trousers. If you’re tired of wearing the same trousers with your suit jacket, try switching them out for a different color or style of trousers.

Con: Suit Separates May Be Harder to Clean and Maintain

Suit separates are often harder to clean and maintain because the trousers are different than the jacket. Your suit jacket, for instance, may require dry cleaning, while your trousers can be cleaned in the washing machine. If you don’t check the care label on both your jacket and trousers, you may damage these garments by cleaning them the wrong way. To prevent this from happening, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions listed on the care labels of your suit jacket and trousers.

Pro: Suit Separates Are Available in Custom Sizes

While you can purchase matching suits in custom sizes, suit separates are also available in custom sizes. StudioSuits offers one of the largest selections of custom-sized suits. Even if you’re only interested in buying a custom-sized jacket, you can do so from our online store. From linen and tweed to velvet, wool, cotton and more, we offer a variety of custom-sized suit jackets. When ordering, you can specify your body measurements to ensure that you get the perfectly sized suit jacket for your body.

Con: Suit Separates Are Less Popular Than Matching Suits

This isn’t a huge disadvantage, but it’s still worth mentioning that suit separates are less popular than matching suits. After all, men’s suits have traditionally consisted of a formal jacket or coat with matching trousers. This format has been around for centuries, and even after all those years, it remains the preferred choice among most men. If you’re looking to follow mainstream tradition, you should probably stick with a traditional, matching suit. But if you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the mainstream crowd, perhaps suit separates is the right choice.

Pro: Suit Separates Allow You to Wear Different Types of Fabric

Finally, suit separates allow you to wear different types of fabric. Maybe you prefer wearing jackets made of a thicker fabric like wool and trousers made of a thinner fabric line linen or cotton. With a traditional, matching suit, you won’t be able to mix and match different fabrics. You can, however, mix and match fabrics by wearing suit separates. Just choose a suit jacket in your preferred fabric, and then find a pair of trousers in another fabric.

Suit separates are just one way to create a formal appearance. You can still go the traditional route by wearing a suit jacket or coat with matching trousers. To make the decision a little easier, consider the pros and cons of suit separates mentioned here.