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Cotton suits are a great choice for men who want to look sharp and feel comfortable at the same time. Cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable and easy to care for, making it an ideal material for suits.
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Cotton Suits: Smart Summer Outfit for Men

Warm weather calls for easy and lighter fabrics but that does not mean that suits have to be out of your wardrobe. Today, you can don cotton suits made out of light breathable fabric and be set for any formal occasion. So don't let the summer sun play havoc with your plans, look out for comfortable cotton suits to add vibrancy to your cupboard.

For those who have recently ventured into the cotton suits arena, it can be a little daunting at the start. Assembling summer suits can get a little tricky but can be mastered with minimal effort. All you have to do is be aware of colours and cuts that define your personality. You could wear monochromes or mix and match to add some fun and colour to the wardrobe.

We, at StudioSuits have curated a wide variety of men's cotton suits for you to indulge in this summer. Gift yourself something elegant from our cotton suit men's collection. You will surely not be disappointed.

The finest collection of cotton suits

Our entire range of cotton suits men's section is made using the finest cotton fabric that stays cool and looks great.

We at StudioSuits create suits that are lightweight as they are made of 100% natural cotton fabric. This superior quality cotton fabric is soft to touch and breathes well. All our suits, coats, or jackets are made by incorporating a special half-canvas construction style with pad-stitched lapel collars. This particular style of stitching is only found in high-end suits. We endeavour to provide you with the best quality products as we value your time and money.

Bespoke cotton suits to add to the glamour

For a suit to fit well, it has to be made to order. Most of the online companies do not offer bespoke suits but at StudioSuits, we have both ready-made and customized suits, made to your fitting and requirement.

At StudioSuits, we have a wide variety of suits - from woollen, tweed to cotton and linen. Nothing beats the feel and appeal of cotton suits in the heat of summer. We have made our latest collection more interesting with a range of colours and styles, making them ideal for both summer business wear as well as casual outings.

Style them perfect

A well-stitched suit adds a lot of vibrancy and smartness to any occasion. Be it a casual event or a business meeting, people always appreciate a well-dressed man. Cotton suits are no exception to the rule.

Pair them with a crisp white shirt and cotton pants to complete the look. You may even add a layer by wearing a matching waistcoat to make it look a tad formal. A matching tie and brown shoes would make it ideal for a wedding too.

Keep it cool with light colours

When you are on the hunt to find the perfect colour for your cotton suits just remember khaki colour as an option. Khaki claims the signature look of being timeless. But navy, powder blue, and shades of olive are no less. These colours match well with accessories and are impressive options to consider for summer wardrobes.

Do keep in mind that cotton tends to wrinkle a little as you wear it, so plan your day accordingly. A little crease here and there will add to the original look.

Classy, casual, and cotton

Cotton suits are often associated to be classy, casual, and trendy. They are ideal for office wear and look absolutely fabulous on the dance floor too. The right style, the perfect fit, and a suitable shade is all you need to make your cotton suit a raging hit this summer. But before going in for a cotton suit it is best to consider a few pointers.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cotton Suits

How should I wear a cotton suit?

You may wear only the coat or as a three-piece ensemble. You may even pair your trousers with a checkered cotton shirt and lose the jacket for a day out with friends.

Is cotton fabric stretchable?

Yes cotton has a bit of natural stretch inbuilt, at StudioSuits we also offer cotton infused with lycra which gives it the extra stretch for more comfort.

What colour shirts are the safest to pair with cotton suits?

Solid, light-coloured formal shirts are always the safest ones to pair with any given cotton suit. You may even add a layer of a cotton waistcoat over your shirt to give it a three-piece look. You may get a custom-made shirt from StudioSuits or might pick one from the rack. Keep it simple and plain. An ironed cotton shirt will do the trick. If you want to go the extra mile, choose something made from Egyptian cotton. It will keep you dry and comfortable when temperatures rise.

You may complement your cotton suits with matching shirts either a shade lighter or a shade darker to achieve the formal look. Try out different looks before you step out. This will add to your confidence.

How to style a cotton suit?

When it comes to styling cotton suits, always pick light shades. Your jacket can be teamed with any dark shade of pants to give a combination look. You may even sport a dressier look by going single or double-breasted with peak lapels. Pair them up with polished shoes and you are good to go.

For any formal or business event don't forget to wear a matching tie to complete your look. Do remember to pick a piece that fits your personality and makes you look interesting. Don't let those hot summer days spoil the party for you. Invest in a smart cotton suit from StudioSuit and look stylish and trendy without breaking into a sweat.