Essential Gift Guide for the Well-Dressed Man

Essential Gift Guide for the Well-Dressed Man

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the well-dressed man in your life? Whether he's your husband, son, brother, friend or coworker, it's important to choose a meaningful gift. You don't want to choose a gift that's going to sit in his closet for years without ever being used. Thankfully, there are dozens of great gift ideas to consider for the well-dressed man, some of which we're going to reveal in this blog post.

Leather Portfolio Bag

Assuming he doesn't already own one, consider giving him a leather portfolio bag. These bags are timeless, fashionable, and perfect for all well-dressed men. Leather portfolio bags are often worn by business men, offering a convenient and functional means of holding paper documents. But even if he's not the "business" type, you can still give him a leather portfolio bag, as they can be used for storing and transporting a wide range of items.

Shoe Cleaning Kit

Another great gift idea for well-dressed men is a shoe cleaning kit. Shoes are an important element of a man's outfit. They complete your outfit while complimenting the other colors and designs. Dirty shoes, however, have the opposite effect by hurting the rest of your appearance, which is why it's a good idea to clean and shine your shoes on a regular basis. Let's face it, though, most men don't own a shoe cleaning kit, so they rarely (if ever) clean their shoes. Giving a shoe cleaning kit is the perfect solution, as it encourages him to clean his shoes and maintain a more sophisticated appearance. And like a leather portfolio bag, this isn't a one-time use gift; rather, he will likely use the shoe cleaning kit dozens of times.

Beard Oil

Granted, beard oil isn't a gift that's suitable for all men, regardless of how well dressed they are. If he doesn't have a beard, there's really no point in choosing beard oil as a gift. But if he does have a beard, this is a great gift that he's sure to love. In case this is your first time hearing about beard oil, let me explain: beard oil is a type of cosmetic product that's designed to moisturize a man's skin and facial hair. Wile there are many different varieties of beard oil, most are intended to mimic the natural oils (sebum) produced by the skin. Some of the common ingredients found in beard oil include argan oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil, and jojoba oil. In addition to a smooth and silky finish, beard oil also protects against razor bumps -- a common problem that's experienced by millions of men. For these reasons and others, beard oil is the perfect gift for the well-dressed man in your life. man-2140606_960_720

Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They add new color to the man's outfit, while also securing the cuffs of his dress shirt (hence the name). Of course, not all dress shirts require cufflinks. If the dress shirt has buttons built-in to the cuffs, cufflinks aren't necessary, nor are they recommended. But if the dress shirt doesn't have buttons in the cuffs, cufflinks are an essential accessory that shouldn't be overlooked. Most men who own dress shirts without buttons in the cuffs probably already have cufflinks. Cufflinks are available in several materials, including glass, stone, leather, metal and more. However, the well-dressed man in your life probably doesn't own a pair of personalized cufflinks, making this a great gift idea. You can buy personalized cufflinks featuring the man's name or initials. This subtle element allows for a more meaningful and memorable gift -- and that's what gift-giving is all about. Furthermore, personalized cufflinks are relatively inexpensive, making this an even better gift for budget-conscious individuals.

Linen Trousers

With summer upon us, many men are putting away their thick, heavy-duty trousers in exchange for lighter and more comfortable options. As such, you should consider a pair of high-quality linen trousers as a gift for the well-dressed man. Made from the fiber of the flax plant, linen trousers are soft, lightweight, and breathable. These characteristics make them an excellent choice of trousers for the otherwise hot spring and summer months.


We can't talk about gift ideas for the well-dressed man without mentioning sunglasses. Like cufflinks, sunglasses offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. They enhance the wearer's appearance, while also protecting his eyes from the sun's blinding light. Aviator-style sunglasses have become a popular choice in recent years. Traditional RayBan Wayfarers are another viable style to consider. Consider what type of clothes he wears and choose a style of sunglasses that's appropriate.

Sweater Dryer

If he wears sweaters -- as most men do on occasion -- consider giving him a sweater dryer as a gift. Most sweaters are not suitable for use in a traditional clothes dryer. Even on the low heat setting, clothes dryers are too rough on the delicate material from which sweaters are made, causing them to stretch and/or shrink. A sweater dryer offers a viable solution to this problem, allowing men to safely dry their own sweaters without fear of damaging them in the process.

New Belt

What man doesn't want a new belt? Most men already own a belt (or several), but you can choose a different material, color or style to enhance his wardrobe. If the well-dressed man in your life currently owns a black belt, perhaps you can buy him a brown belt as a gift. Or he only has casual belts, maybe you can give him a formal belt. A high-quality belt is one of those accessories that he's use on a weekly or even daily basis. These are just a few gift ideas to consider for the well-dressed man. For other great ideas, head over to our homepage at StudioSuits and check out some of the products we offer.