The History of The Tuxedo

The tuxedo has become a staple item of formal wear for men everywhere. Also known as a “dinner suit” or “dinner jacket,” it consists of a black or dark blue jacket, a dress shirt, shoes, formal pants and other accessories. While most people are familiar with the general concept behind the tuxedo, few people know its true roots and origins. So today we’re going to go back in time to reveal the history of the tuxedo.

The truth is that no one knows who or when the tuxedo was invented. However, the general consensus among historians is that it occurred sometime in the mid 1800s, originating out of the U.K. During this time, outdoor sports and activities were becoming increasingly popular among the middle and upper class residents. Subsequently, this spurred a newfound popularity for suits, as it was formal yet still comfortable. Some men took this one step further by wearing an evening tailcoat, which closely resembles the modern-day tuxedo coat.

According to some reports, the first tailless coats were worn during the era of the Prince of Wales. These tailless coats became popular due to their elongated style and sophisticated elegance. Sill, though, their use remained isolated to the UK for quite some time. It wasn’t until the late 1800s when the trend made it over to the New World. Once in the US, tuxes soon took hold and began to grow.

In 1886, a New York club for upper-class men was created. Known as the Tuxedo Park, it was founded by the Lorillard family, whom emphasized the use of tailless coats. It’s believed that the Tuxedo Park was largely responsible for setting the trend of tuxedos in the US, showcasing this new style of tailless coats to people whom had never seen it before.

Regardless of why created them or when it happened, it’s safe to say that tuxedos are here to stay. They’ve become the “go to” choice for formal wear for men everywhere, and for good reason: the tuxedo is classy, elegant, sophisticated, and easy to wear. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself why so many guys choose tuxedos as their choice of formal wear. Whether you consider yourself a fashion-forward person or not, you really can’t go wrong with a good tux.