Are You Guilty of Making these Mistakes with Your Suit?

Necktie Showing Through Collar

If you plan on wearing a necktie as opposed to a bow tie, make sure it’s fully hidden underneath your shirt collar. Because most men wear neckties in a different color than their shirt, you’ll need to secure it under the collar; otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb. This is easily achieved by tying your necktie relatively tight — but not too tight — and then flipping your shirt collar down over it.

Necktie is Too Long

Another all-too-common fashion mistake that many guys are guilty of making with their suit is choosing a necktie that’s too long. Ideally, your necktie should stop right at your belt when you are standing. It’s okay if it stretches just slightly beyond this length, but it shouldn’t go past your belt. If your necktie goes past your belt when standing, you’ll need to either adjust it or choose a different necktie.

Wearing the Wrong-Colored Socks

It may seem like harmless enough, but wearing the wrong-colored socks is a serious fashion blunder. Even if your socks are hidden while you stand, they may peek through when sitting. This is why it’s a good idea to wear socks in the same color as your pants/trousers. Doing so allows your socks to blend into your trousers in a seamless, natural manner. So if you plan on wearing a black suit with black trousers, it’s recommended that you wear black socks. Or if you plan on wearing khaki-colored trousers, you should wear khaki-colored socks.

Belt and Shoes Don’t Match

A good rule of thumb is to choose a belt in the same color as your shoes. Wearing a black belt with brown dress shoes, for instance, isn’t going to work. The brown on black with clash, hurting your appearance.

Trousers are Too Big

Of course, another fashion faux pas that you’ll want to avoid when wearing a suit is choosing trousers that are too big. Just because they stop around your feet doesn’t necessarily mean that are the right fit. If the legs are too wide, it will create a messy appearance that does your outfit no justice. The good news is that you can avoid problems such as this by either having your trousers tailored or custom ordering a pair of trousers here at StudioSuits.