9 Reasons to Choose a Giza Cotton Dress Shirt

Men’s dress shirts are available in a variety of materials, though few compare to the performance of Giza cotton. Harvested fromĀ cotton plants in a nutrient-rich area along the Nile River in Egypt, it’s regarded as the world’s highest-quality cotton. While Giza cotton dress shirts typically cost more than those made of conventional cotton, you’ll probably discover that it’s well worth the investment for the nine following reasons.

#1) Superior Softness

It’s no secret that cotton dress shirts are soft, but you might be surprised to learn just how much of a difference Giza cotton makes. With Giza cotton being grown and harvested exclusively in Egypt, it exhibits unique characteristics like a superior level of softness. As a result, dress shirts and other garments made of Giza cotton are more comfortable to wear than those made of conventional cotton. If you’re looking for a super-soft dress shirt that won’t cause you discomfort or irritation, you can’t go wrong with Giza cotton.

#2) Natural Cooling

You can wear a Giza cotton dress year-round, even during the otherwise hot summer months. Like convention cotton, it will keep you cool by assisting your body with its natural cooling mechanism. To stay cool in hot weather, our bodies release heat by sweating. Cotton is an absorbent material, so it will absorb some of your body’s perspiration to help keep you cool in hot weather. As the Giza cotton dress shirt absorbs some of your perspiration, the perspiration will evaporate into the surrounding air. The bottom line is that a Giza cotton dress shirt will assist your body with its natural cooling mechanism so that you don’t overheat.

#3) Hypoallergenic

Do you suffer from skin allergies? Well, you aren’t alone. Millions of people worldwide develop a rash, hives or other allergy-related symptoms when wearing certain types of clothes. With a skin allergy, your body believes the material from which a garment is made of is a foreign invader. Therefore, wearing the garment triggers an allergic reaction in which your body’s infection-fighting immune system targets your skin. The good news is that Giza cotton dress shirts are hypoallergenic, meaning they have a low risk of triggering an allergic reaction.

#4) Lightweight

Giza cotton dress shirts are also lightweight. Granted, the weight of a Giza cotton dress shirt varies depending on how it was constructed. Some companies use thicker fibers of Giza cotton than others, resulting in a heavier weight. Regardless, though, Giza cotton dress shirts are prized for their lightweight properties. When worn, they won’t weigh your body down. The lightweight properties of Giza cotton dress shirts allow for an unparalleled level of comfort when compared to other, heavier dress shirts on the market.

#5) Machine Washable

You don’t have to take time out of your busy day to haul your Giza cotton dress off to a local dry cleaner. When it’s dirty, you can clean your Giza cotton dress in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. It won’t succumb to damage when exposed to hot water or laundry detergent. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions listed on the care tag — which may include the use of cold water, followed by tumble drying — you can safely clean your Giza cotton dress in the washing machine.


#6) High Tensile Strength

Some people assume that cotton is a weak material, and therefore, a poor choice for dress shirts or other garments. In reality, though, cotton is stronger than many other materials, with Giza cotton offering an exceptionally high tensile strength. Giza cotton dress shirts won’t tear, rip or otherwise sustain damage when exposed to moderate amounts of force. The high tensile strength of Giza cotton naturally protects them from such damage such as this. Furthermore, Giza cotton actually becomes stronger when wet. Research shows wet cotton, including Giza cotton, has a 30% higher tensile strength on average than dry cotton.

#7) Doesn’t Shrink Easily

With a Giza cotton dress shirt, you can rest assured knowing that it won’t shrink easily. Some materials, such as wool, are highly susceptible to shrinkage. When exposed to heat, the individual fibers from which they’re made will draw up, thereby shrinking the garment. This isn’t a problem with Giza cotton, however. Giza cotton dress shirts may shrink slightly the first time they are washed and dried. But after that, they shouldn’t experience any notable amount of shrinking. If you’re tired of constantly replacing your dress shirts because they’ve shrunk to a smaller size, you should consider making the switch to Giza cotton.

#8) Variety of Styles

You can find Giza cotton dress shirts available in a variety of styles. Maybe you prefer a traditional color like blue or black, or perhaps you prefer a plaid or striped pattern consisting of multiple colors. So, which style should you choose? Contrary to what some men believe, there’s no single “best” style for a dress shirt — and Giza cotton dress shirts are no exception. It all depends on your personal style as well as the occasion for which you intend to wear it. If you have a classic dress style and are looking for a dress shirt to wear to a formal dinner or black-tie event, for instance, you may want to stick with an all-white Giza cotton dress shirt.

#9) Available in Custom Sizes

Giza cotton dress shirts are available in custom sizes. Here at StudioSuits, you can specify your own size when ordering a Giza cotton dress shirt. Most retailers, of course, sell dress shirts in basic sizes, which may or may not fit your body. Rather than taking this chance, you can order a custom-sized Giza cotton dress to ensure you get the perfect size. Once we receive your measurements, we’ll use them to create a Giza cotton dress that’s designed specifically for your body, resulting in the best possible fit.